Price Drop on Replacement Parts for iPhone, iPad & iPod

You heard us right – it’s price drop time at eTech Parts! Thanks in part to our most recent visit to vendors overseas and our increased volume, we’ve reduced our prices significantly to help out our growing number of wholesale dealers. So you can make more money on each repair by paying less for the high quality parts you need.

It’s the same quality you love – now at a lower price. Check out the list below and log in to see your newest wholesale price!


eTech Parts Price Drop


Repair Parts for iPhone 5


Repair Parts for iPhone 5c


Repair Parts for iPhone 5s


Repair Parts for iPhone 6


Repair Parts for iPhone 6 Plus


Repair Parts for iPad Air 2


Repair Parts for iPod Touch 5


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Universiade may cause shortage of iPhone parts!

Its nothing like Chinese New Year, but China is currently on a three day break by National regulation.  This break is for, Universiade, a major sporting event for University athletes.  This 3 day break may cause a temporary shortage on some iPhone Parts, iPad Parts, and iPod Parts.  Its possible we may also experience some price increases on parts that are in short supply.  This will be very temporary and things will be back to normal by late next week.

iPhone 4 Ear Speaker Grill and Anti Dust Mesh Kit

This is a “MUST HAVE” product for iPhone repair companies.  Swapping the customers ear speaker grill can be tricky and sometimes impossible when performing iPhone 4 Screen repair.  Now you dont have to sweat it.  With our replacement iPhone 4  speaker grill kit you get the adhesive strip, the speaker grill and a self adhesive anti dust fabric backing just like the original.

iPhone 4 speaker grill kit.

iPhones Headphones Improved!! What a difference!

Its been a big day around here with a lot of talk and excitement around Apples new iPad.  iPad? Not sure if I love the name but the device is certainly interesting.  I cant wait to get my hands on one and tear it apart 🙂

After things settled down today I decided I would open up a pair of these sound isolating iPhone Headphones and see how good they are. We have been selling them for a couple months now and wish I had grabbed a pair a when we first got them. I loved them so much I was compelled to blog about it!  I was very surprised at the sound quality. They sound extremely good and they stay in my ear very well. I’m listening to Black Eyed Peas right now and the bass is fantastic.  10 times better the my Original Apple earphones.  The call function also works well and when I had Troy on the other end he said “the microphone sounded great”.  Admittedly, there are two things that could be improved. The look of the mic and play/send switch is a bit cheap and they dont have a volume control function.  All in all these are great earphones for the money and I’ll setup a coupon today to give blog readers $5 off.  Use coupon code “bigbass”.Try them out and let me know what you think.

Have a great day!


eTech Parts Blog Introduction

Welcome to the eTech Parts blog.

Thanks you to all of our customers and dealers. 2009 was a fantastic year for eTechParts.

We feel very fortunate to continue growing at an impressive rate despite the suffering economy. Since we just recently started blogging I have a lot of information to cover. I hope you’ll find it interesting.

About us:

eTech Parts is primarily a wholesale distributer of Apple iPhone Parts, MacBook Parts, iPod Parts. We also welcome the opportunity to sell to individuals and sell a few non-Apple related parts. I have been repairing Apple products since 1994 and we have a great staff of experienced repair technicians.

We are always happy to pass on our expertise to help dealers grow their business and make sure the individual customers have the information they need to repair their products properly.

Dealer Information:

New dealers will need to call in their first order. The minimum opening order for dealers is $300. Subsequent orders can be placed online and the discount prices will be shown after logging into your account.

We have 5 levels of Dealer pricing.

Level 1: Base Discount. Minimum Average monthly orders of $300.

Level 2: Base Discount + additional 5% off. Minimum Average monthly orders of $600.

Level 3: Base Discount + additional 10% off. Minimum Average monthly orders of $1200.

Level 4: Base Discount + additional 15% off. Minimum Average monthly orders of $1800.

Level 5: Base Discount + additional 20% off. Minimum Average monthly orders of $2400.

2009 Year in Review:

A lot of our growth we owe to our network of dealers and due to the increase in sales volume we have been able to purchase larger lots of parts and reduce our purchase price.

We also built strong relationships with new vendors and greatly increased the quality of the parts we are offering. Although we pay a little more for quality parts we feel the benefits of reliable parts more than make up for the slight addition to the cost. Since most of our sales are to repair businesses, we understand the role quality parts play in the reduction of costly customer returns.

There are a lot of new faces around here and I’m very proud of the knowledgeable staff we have assembled. You’ll find us to be very helpful and pleasant to deal with.

We introduced the device specific tool kits and they have become very popular with our individual customers. Customers can now purchase a tool kit designed specifically for each product or repair. We also expanded our repair tool selection to include a lot more tools and tool kits.

2010 Goals:

In January 2010 we started a program to standardize the dealer pricing and have updated(updated = lowered) the pricing on most of the popular parts. We will continue to update dealer and retail pricing to make sure we have the best pricing for quality parts.

In the last 12 months Apple has released a ton of new products. We will be working diligently in 2010 to get all of the parts in stock for the latest line of Apple electronics.

We will also be expanding our cell phone and smart phone parts selection in the coming months.

In summary, you can expect the same great service we have always offered plus lower prices, higher quality, and expanded product lines.

Thanks again for your business!

See you Next Time,