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If you haven’t taken our 2015 repair pricing survey, now’s your last chance to get FREE Ground Shipping (US only) and enter to win $500 store credit at eTech Parts! Thank you to everyone who’s completed our survey so far – the response has been outstanding. If you haven’t taken the survey yet you can find it here.

We encourage you to contribute to our annual repair market price check, a 5-minute survey to help us discover the trends and pricing averages of the cell phone repair industry. This information will help us help you see where you stand in your local market and nationwide.

eTech Parts Wireless Repair Price Check

We’re really excited to see the final results – and just to give you a preview, here’s what we’ve found out so far…


Average price to fix an iPhone 6 : $148

Average price to fix an iPhone 5c : $92

Average price to fix an iPhone 5 : $88


The winner of $500 store credit will be chosen (using and announced on Monday, June 29th. The market price survey results will be published soon after.

NOTE: multiple entries will be omitted from the drawing and from the final results. Please refrain from submitting the survey if you’ve already taken it. Thank you!


MarketWatch: Regional iPhone 5 Repair Prices

We asked the Repair Community how much they’re charging for iPhone 5 screen repairs these days, and broke it down per region. Prices are based off one iPhone 5 screen repair, full assembly swap — not including glass-only repair prices. We’re happy with the results, which make it pretty clear there’s still good money in fixing 2-year old iPhones. It also shows that prices generally don’t vary too much per region.

It seems the biggest difference in price depends on the city and local industry competition. Here are the highs and lows recorded from each region of the United States.




The High’s & Low’s of iPhone 5 Screen Repairs


In the Southwest…

  • High: $115 in Corpus Christi, TX and Houston, TX
  • Low: $79 in Tempe, AZ


In the West…

  • High: $120 in Kirkland, WA
  • Low: $70 in Murietta, CA


In the Rocky Mountains…

  • High: $129 in Billings, MT
  • Low: $75 in Denver, CO


In the Plains/Great Lakes…

  • High: $120 in Papillion, NE
  • Low: $80 in Mentor, OH


In the Southeast…

  • High: $125 in Savannah, GA and Vernon, FL
  • Low: $75 in Lafayette, LA


In the East…

  • High: $120 in Vineyard Haven, MA and Portland, ME
  • Low: $50 in New York City, NY


These results and pricing averages are based off price quotes from 91 repair shops across the United States. What are YOU currently charging for an iPhone 5 screen repair? Let us know in the comments below! Be sure to follow our blog for instant updates on the wireless repair industry, the Repair Community, and news from eTech Parts.



This content was created for wireless repair shops to promote the growth and reputation of the booming wireless repair industry. If there’s any content we can create to help your repair shop and the Repair Community, we’d love to hear your thoughts and ideas! Email us at marketing@etechpartsdotcom, call us at 913-839-1718, or hit us up on social media — we can’t wait to hear from you!