5 Reasons Your Repair Shop Should be on Social Media

Hey Repair Community – it’s Social Media day! Yes, I too was unaware such a day of celebration existed, but what better way to celebrate than with a quick blog about it. Community Manager is just one of the hats I wear here at eTech Parts, and I’ve learned a lot since taking on the role. It’s my hope to share some of those insights with you today – because if you don’t have social media set up for your cell phone repair shop, you’re missing out on valuable conversions, brand recognition, customer loyalty, SEO benefits..and the list goes on.

If I haven’t convinced you yet, here are the top 5 reasons your repair shop should be on social media – including some helpful tips along the way!


social media


1. Everyone is on Facebook

No matter your ideal customer or target demographic, Facebook is a great tool for reaching potential customers because nearly everyone and their dog has a Facebook profile. (No joke – my friend’s dog Buddah has more Facebook friends than I do.)

Facebook in particular can help you reach a larger group of people, because it’s still the most widely-used online social platform. This automatically increases brand recognition, because more people are seeing your company online, in their newsfeed.

And if you want to pay-to-play, Facebook offers a lot of fantastic advertising tools, too. You can boost your posts, or create campaigns to target specific users based on their location, interests, income, or career… It’s a mad world, but Facebook can really help you get your message out to the audience you’re trying to reach.


2. It’ll boost your brand authority

Having a completed and regularly-updated social media profile for your repair shop can do wonders for your online brand perception. Since consumers have multiple options all at their fingertips, there’s a good chance your customers are checking you out online before choosing their preferred repair shop.
If you want your repair shop’s social media to really shine, here are some tips:

  • Include your business address – and directions if your location is tricky to find.
  • Make it look professional with a high-quality header image and your brand logo. Hint: Adobe has fantastic stock images specific to our industry – search “phone repair” or “broken phone.”
  • Include a few photos of your repair shop in the “Photos” section.
  • Link your Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube profiles to your Facebook profile. You can also include links to your Facebook, Twitter and Instagram in your Google+ profile.
  • Respond to each review and comment posted on your page by former customers and followers – especially any negative ones.


3. Your Google search rank will be better than ever

Including social media in your SEO strategy can do great things for your shop’s search engine rank. Twitter, Facebook and Google+ all rank very well in Google search, which can help your overall rank if you’re using the right keywords. Utilizing the right keywords (i.e., the terms your customers search when trying to find a repair shop) on your social media profiles, in posts and directly on your profile, will help your repair shop’s website and profiles rank higher.

Implementing human-curated, original content on your website is the best thing you can do to optimize your search engine results. Integrating this with your social media profiles in an original and creative way can only help boost your rank even more. We’re still learning about this one here at eTech Parts, but in learning I’ve noticed some of our Facebook posts often rank higher than pages on our website do. (If there are any SEO experts reading this, I’d love to hear your thoughts – send me an email at marketing@etechparts so we can chat!)


4. It will help you convert potential customers into loyal customers

Personally, I feel a strange sense of loyalty towards companies that really kill it on social media – like Zappos and Starbucks, for example. They respond to their customers, they promote fun giveaways, they poke fun at themselves, and they make me feel like they care about more than just making money. Even as someone who technically works in online marketing, who knows better than to fall for silly marketing ploys, I still shop at both these companies on a regular basis. I’m about to go to Starbucks RIGHT NOW.

If you can make your customers feel comfortable, and welcome them to share their thoughts and opinions with you via social media, they’re going to feel like you’re friends. You might even start to feel that way, too!


5. Time is the only investment you need

We know you don’t have much free time on your hands, but that’s all you really need to create a winning social media presence. Posting quality updates once a day – or a few times a week – can greatly help to improve the online perception of your cell phone repair shop in the eyes of your local community.

It doesn’t cost anything (unless you choose to run ad campaigns) and you can have a lot of fun once you get the hang of it. Social media is a place to be social – so ask questions, follow/tag other local businesses, reach out to your followers.. With social media marketing, there’s so much you can do to increase conversions and build brand loyalty – you really have nothing to lose!


Why Great Customer Service is Important for Your Repair Shop

Offering great customer service is important for companies in every industry, but in wireless repair your approach to customer service can make or break your business. It has the potential to make an impact on the perception of the wireless repair industry as a whole.

Wireless repair is different from many industries because the “product” you sell is actually a service performed on a very delicate piece of equipment. In a way, you could compare the wireless repair industry to the auto repair industry. You’re fixing a device people rely on every single day.

Customer service is so ingrained in the culture of eTech Parts that it’s become more of a habit than anything. As Aristotle once said: “We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.” How does your cell phone repair shop provide excellent customer service?


Excellent customer service support


The wireless repair industry depends on excellent customer service.

Repair is a service you offer your customers; therefore, treating your customers with kindness, respect and appreciation along with offering a great quality repair is a requirement for your shop’s success. You can chalk it up to human nature; people want to do business with people they like.


Small business success is highly dependent on the satisfied customer.

According to the 2010 RightNow Customer Experience Impact report, 80% of respondents believed that smaller companies place a greater emphasis on service than larger companies do. Since 90% of the industry is made up of small businesses servicing local communities, there’s a good chance your business will struggle if customer service isn’t your top priority. When your small business is built on selling services, offering top-notch support is the #1 thing you can do to compete with big-box stores and your local competitors.


Do you trust your phone in the hands of just anyone?

Probably not. Just think of the knee-jerk reaction you have when your significant other (or mother, or brother) asks to use your phone! Show your customers you appreciate their trust and respect their privacy and personal property. They’re trusting you with their lifeline, so be sure to show your appreciation and give them a reason to come back when they need help.

Do what you can to educate future customers on why your repair shop is different and how your shop will take care of them. Be open, be honest and always look out for the well-being of your clients. With each customer comes the opportunity to improve the reputation of the repair industry – and you might even gain a few referrals, too.


Customer service is easy if you always do the right thing for the people you serve. Read our blog to learn more about how to improve customer loyalty for your cell phone repair shop.


Final Words of Wisdom

Michelle James, CMO of Wireless Dealer Magazine and the mastermind behind the Wireless Repair Expo at CTIA, believes repair is important for everyone – consumers need the solution and retailers and repair shops need the revenue. “Plus, because it’s a service it literally has the legs to create customer loyalty.”

Michelle’s extensive background in the wireless industry has given her a unique perspective on wireless repair today. In her eyes, finding success in wireless repair all depends on quality of service and building personal connections.

“Getting your phone repaired is personal. Repair is a people business. No one wants to ship their phone off and hope it comes back, they want to talk to someone about what is wrong, how will it get fixed and how much will it cost to fix it. Consumers need to talk to a person, in person.”


Stay on the lookout for our upcoming profile piece on Michelle James, where we discuss the progression of wireless, the upcoming Repair Expo, and the future of repair. Thanks for reading and be sure to stay tuned for more customer service-focused blogs coming this month from your friends at eTech Parts!

5 Ways to Build Customer Loyalty

April is International Customer Loyalty Month, but at eTech Parts we think customer loyalty should be celebrated all the time! Though purely by coincidence, April is also eTech’s anniversary month. This April marks our 7th year as the nation’s leading wholesale supplier of repair parts and tools for the wireless repair industry!

At eTech Parts we believe customer service isn’t a department, but rather every person’s job and responsibility. This is the mentality we’ve held onto for 7 years, and today this belief is still part of everything we do at eTech.


Customer Service


Customer loyalty is important for companies of any size, but the smaller the business the more important each customer truly is. How does your wireless repair shop foster customer loyalty?


5 Ways to Build Customer Loyalty


1. Always put quality first.

What your potential clients may not realize when searching for a repair shop are the many different levels of quality in the wireless repair market. One way to improve brand loyalty is by ensuring your company only uses the highest quality cell phone repair parts and tools backed by at least a 6-month warranty. Offering a warranty on your services is another great way to improve customer loyalty while giving them incentive to come back next time they need your help.

However, your customers won’t know anything about your quality of service and extended warranty until you tell them! Be sure to mention these “added values” when marketing and selling your services online and in-store.


2. Teach your clients something new.

There’s a good chance your customers don’t know technology like you do, meaning there’s an even better chance you could teach them something new about their beloved device. Ask your customers if they need any help with their device beyond the repair. Show them the true value of their smartphone, teach them how to use Siri to set a timer or create a reminder, or help them figure out how to use iCloud Drive.

Engaging your customers in a way that directly benefits them will always improve their loyalty towards you and your company. Check out iMore for tons of great tutorials on mastering iOS and guides on iPhone repair as well.


3. Give them a reason to come back.

Provide an incentive for your clients to return to your shop instead of choosing a competitor. Create a program that rewards their loyalty to your company in a way that directly benefits them. Offering referral incentives or a discount on their next repair is an easy way to improve loyalty and keep your customers coming back for more.


4. Follow up after the repair.

This could be as simple as a follow-up phone call or email thanking the customer and asking if everything went well after their repair. Or it could be as detailed as a personalized note thanking them for choosing your business and opening up the line of communication in case they need anything in the future. Following up with your customer allows you to show your appreciation for them and is a great way to get their feedback, too.

Always keep in mind that no matter the size of the sentiment, it’s the thought that counts – and it counts for a lot.


5. Ask for their feedback.

Asking a customer for their feedback following a repair is like killing two birds with one stone: it lets the client know you care about their experience with your company, and it also gives you insight as to what your company can improve and what you’re doing well. People love sharing their opinions, so ask for their opinion of your business, did they enjoy their experience with your business, were they fully satisfied with your services?

The last time we asked for customer feedback we received over 400 responses, which is nearly 3x the amount feedback we normally receive from customers. Making it easy for clients to offer feedback is important – and sometimes it’s as easy as just asking a few questions.



Thanks for reading – we hope this helps you get started on building loyalty for your repair brand. For more helpful insights, check out this awesome article on The Art of Customer Loyalty.

How does your repair shop create loyalty within your community? Let us know in the comments below! Be sure to share your experience with the growing online Repair Community – join us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter and stay in the loop on the latest in wireless repair.

Online Marketing 101 – How to Build Your Website

At eTech Parts we’re always looking for new ways to help your repair business. Over the past year, the online Repair Community has grown in size and strength and continues to benefit the members who join and contribute. One thing we’ve noticed amidst an abundance of technical advice in the Repair Community is a lack of industry-specific online marketing and business advice.

It’s our goal to change that, which is why we’re thrilled to introduce Online Marketing 101 — a brand new collaborative blog series with our favorite online marketing expert, Josh Muccio!

Josh Muccio is the founder of iHeartRepair.com and an expert in online marketing. Now he’s helping other people to scale their businesses using growth marketing techniques. To learn more, go to JoshMuccio.com.

Let’s talk about online marketing for your small business. In this series we will be discussing how you can market your business online in a powerful, effective way that will actually move the needle and help you stay ahead of the competition. We’ll assume that you have a high quality product (thanks to eTech Parts) and that your brand is already spreading via word of mouth.


Let’s start this 5 part series by creating your brand online:


How to Build Your Website

We’ll assume that you’ve already chosen a brand name and created a logo for your small business. If you haven’t created a logo and you need one quickly, then I recommend Withoomph.com for instantly creating a quality logo for free! If you need help finding an available domain name, try out Naminum or Domainr for inspiration.




Select A Platform: Choose Carefully!

There are literally hundreds of platforms out there to choose from. I’m going to suggest a few of the most used and well supported platforms available today. I have experience using each of the platforms below and I highly recommend them for building an effective, high-converting website for your small business.


Self-Hosted WordPress – Excellent option if want want to have control over the content on the site after it is built. We recommend that you purchase a theme that you like, then hire a web designer to set it up for you.

Strengths: Open Source, Strong Theme & Plugin Community, Blog Capabilities Included,  Start for $7 a month

Drawbacks: Moderate Learning Curve, Tons of Options


Squarespace – Perfect option if you are on a budget and want to build the website yourself in your spare time. Squarespace is considered the most user friendly platform for building your first website.

Strengths: Free Themes Included, Blog Capabilities Included, eCommerce Included, Start for $10 a month

Drawbacks: Closed Source


Shopify – If you are looking to make eCommerce a key part of your online strategy then Shopify is the clear choice. It’s not as user friendly as Squarespace, but with their integrated POS system for your store they are certainly worth considering.

Strengths: Powerful eCommerce Platform, Free Themes Included, Blog Capabilities Included, POS Available, Start for $14 a month

Drawbacks: Closed Source, Higher Pricing


TIP: No matter what platform you choose, make sure it incorporates a company blog. Your company blog can be one of the most effective SEO strategies for marketing your brand online.




Set Up Your Pages and Navigation

Here’s 5 must-have pages for your small biz site.


  1. About Us: How to Write an Effective About Us Page
  2. FAQ: Just list common questions that your customers ask and a quick answer to each. You could include your FAQ on your contact us page instead of building a separate FAQ page.
  3. Contact Us: Phone numbers, addresses, social networks, a map to your location, and an email form.
  4. Our Services: List the main services you provide: ex. “Smartphone Repairs”, “Tablet Repairs”, “iPhone Repairs”, “Android Repairs” etc. For added SEO benefit you could create separate pages for each type of repair service that you offer, then link to each of those pages from your homepage and the Our Services page.
  5. Areas We Serve: I recommend (for SEO reasons) that you create separate pages for each city that you serve. Then list these areas in a dropdown menu under the “Areas We Serve” link.


Once you have an outline of the pages in your site, then you can start looking at themes or choose a web designer.


Choose Your Theme or Template

Themes will be very different by platform. So it may be worth looking at the themes available for each platform before you move forward. A great place to start looking at high quality themes for each platform is on ThemeForest.net. You can sort themes by platform and best selling. Or you can look at themes provided by your platform.


WordPress ThemesSquarespace ThemesShopify Themes


TIP: Look for a theme that is “responsive”. A responsive theme will look good on any device (Desktop, Tablet and Mobile) and search engines actually prefer sites that are designed to be “responsive”.


Should you build the site on your own or hire a web designer?

Once you’ve chosen a theme that you like you will need to choose whether you will be building the site on your own or if you will hire a web designer instead. If you need help choosing a web designer, take a look at this post.


If you are interested in tinkering around by building your own website then I suggest you take this opportunity to learn first hand, any of the platforms listed above will be a good choice to get started with. Just keep in mind that doing it on your own could mean that it takes longer to actually launch the site.


If you don’t want to mess with the web stuff then I suggest you hire a web designer to help you customize the site to your liking. It will save you money if you buy a theme from one of the marketplaces listed above and then have your web designer customize it for you. I don’t usually recommend having your designer build the site from scratch when there are so many templates/themes out there that can provide you with an excellent starting point.


If you still aren’t sure whether you want to do it yourself or hire a designer then feel free to get in touch with me and I’ll help you figure out what’s right for you.




How to Measure What Visitors Do on Your Site

After your site has been designed and it’s live for all to see, there are a few critical things that must be done in order for the search engines to see your site properly. We’ll talk more about how to do this in Part 2 of our Online Marketing 101 series, but I’ll recommend one absolute necessity to you now.


Google Analytics – Google Analytics is the single most important technical feature that you must have installed on your site. It’s free, provided by Google and will allow you to actually measure the results on your site. Analytics will track what users do on your site and if configured properly can even give you insights as to where your best customers are coming from (Social Media, Organic Search, Paid Search, etc). The easiest way to install Google Analytics on your site is using CloudFlare. CloudFlare is a free service that adds additional security and speed to your website. They just happen to also have a simple app that installs Analytics on every page of your website in just seconds!


In Part 2 of our Online Marketing 101 series we will talk about how to actually get your site to start showing up in local search results for the search terms that matter to you!

What platforms or themes have you used and had success with? List your favorite in the COMMENTS below and include a link to your website if yours is already live!

How Many Parts Do You Order in Advance?

In this edition of Ask the Soul Proprietor, Alister offers some valuable advice on how to order replacement parts in advance. This is a question we get a lot here at eTech Parts, so hopefully Alister’s advice helps you learn how to organize your inventory process to better prepare your repair shop with the parts you need.

What questions do YOU have about running your repair business? What should we write about next?


Leave your questions in the COMMENTS below and we’ll answer them in our next edition of Ask the Soul Proprietor!


Supply Chain Management-01


Ask the Soul Proprietor


Question: How many parts do you order in advance? There are a plethora of different smartphones out there.


When it comes to placing orders, the goal is to place as few orders as possible. For example placing one large order per month is much better than placing one smaller order per week.


Why is it better to place fewer but bigger orders?

  • Cut down shipping costs
  • Save time spent in front of the computer placing orders
  • Save the environment from extra packing materials and unneeded carbon emissions


How Many Of Each Part To Order

Placing bigger orders that last longer requires that you know how much of each part you use each month. Remember: “What gets measured, gets managed”. If you are keeping track of how many iPhone 4S white LCD screens and iPhone 5 home button flex cables you use each month, then knowing how much of each to order each month is easy work!


Perform Regular Inventory Counts

Set one day each week where you know you will have 1-2 hours to devote strictly to inventory. Use this time to conduct a complete physical count of what is in your store, review sales data from the previous week, sort defective parts, test all those batteries and screens that you have lying around the shop with yellow sticky notes that say “test” on them, etc. The more detailed count you take, the more information you will get from the count that you can then use for placing your next order.


Stay Organized

Spend a little time setting up a system for your parts and inventory. Make it pretty with labels if you are feeling courageous. The point is if you have a good system, the process becomes simpler and easier.


Use the “Save” Feature on eTech’s Website

I used to spend a lot of time placing my orders until I began using the “save item” feature on eTech’s website. With this feature, you can save a list of your most popularly ordered items in one location so you can go through and create your order quickly.



As always, with more questions, visit my site at www.TheSoulProprietor.net and drop me a line!


-The Soul Proprietor

Inside the Repair Community: Infographic

You may have noticed a recent survey we conducted, in which we asked the online Repair Community several questions ranging from repair shop operations to technical stuff, too. We gather this info to see what we at eTech Parts can do better to serve the wireless repair industry, as well as create helpful content specific to all aspects of this industry.

We want you to know about your industry, too — that’s why we’re starting a new Inside the Repair Community Infographic series, to show you all the insightful information we learn from asking you guys so many questions! The Repair Community is constantly growing and changing, and we strive to document these changes and distribute content to keep you in the loop.

Stay tuned in the coming weeks as we dissect the results and discuss technical operations, small business marketing and more — but for now, Let’s Talk Shop!




Let us know what you think in the comments below. Thanks to everyone who participated in our Repair Community survey for making this content possible! Thank you for reading and be sure to stay tuned for more insightful infographics and content coming your way. You can help out the community by participating in our next survey; sign up for our newsletter to stay in the loop — we won’t send you more than 1 email every other week, we promise!

10 Things Your iPhone Repair Technician Wants You to Know

While we don’t own a repair shop or fix any devices here at eTech Parts (besides our own), we have great insight into the lives of repair shop owners and technicians. One of the biggest struggles facing repair technicians today are the common misconceptions and things that consumers don’t yet understand about the wireless repair industry. This has led us here at eTech Parts to take on some of these misconceptions, in the hope of improving the reputation of the wireless repair industry simply by sharing the truth.

If you haven’t read our blog about the 7 Common Misconceptions about Cell Phone Repair, we suggest you do so — and read the following blog, inspired by the comments of repair technicians all over the country.


Happy repair shop owner


To the repair technicians and repair shop owners out there, we created this content for you to share with your customers — share it on your Facebook page, Tweet it, and help us help you spread the word of wireless repair!



10 Things Your iPhone Repair Technician Wants You to Know


1) You should always disclose your device’s water damage, no matter the circumstance or if it “worked just fine before.”


Even if you dropped your device in the toilet once and it seemed to work just fine afterwards, water damage can change a lot about a repair. What appears to be a simple screen fix can turn into hours of work for a technician, and they won’t know what they’re in for until they open your device and take a look.

There’s a chance your phone, that may have “just shut off one day,” has previous water damage, so be sure to disclose any and all dips your device may have taken to your local repair technician.


2) You should disclose any previous repairs to your technician, too.


It’s like a doctor asking for your medical history. We’re basically performing surgery on your device, and we need to know if anyone else has been in there. It’s easy to damage a device during a repair, and really easy to see if a device has been tampered with previously, so we need to know if you or anyone else has attempted to repair it…just in case. #TheMoreYouKnow


3) If you attempt (and fail) to repair your device yourself, and then bring it to your local repair shop in pieces, we can fix it.


…but don’t expect us to be thrilled about it. While we applaud your DIY spirit, it’s like putting together a very intricate puzzle with a lot of teeny tiny pieces that look exactly the same. It’ll probably take longer than it would have otherwise, and no, we can’t offer you a discount.

We know iFixit makes it look super easy, but it’s harder than you might expect and there are dozens of things that could go wrong – which in turn, could increase the cost of your repair. Break a connector off the board and that repair could cost you a lot more than you’d even like to know. Unless you’re a highly confident and skilled “DIY-er,” we always suggest taking your broken devices to your local repair shop.

But if you do attempt a repair and can’t finish it, don’t worry – you’d be amazed (and reassured) to know how many times this happens to us. Just bring all the pieces to us and we’ll put it back together again!


4) Always back up your data before bringing your device in for a repair.


Please back up your data, either on your computer or through iCloud, because when we repair your device there’s always a chance of data loss. Backing up prior to a repair is the only way to prevent us from losing all your pictures, contacts, text messages, etc. We might even have you sign a release form prior to the repair, just to make sure you fully understand what could happen if you don’t. We want to make your repair experience as painless as possible, and taking this precaution will help us both.

And if you don’t know how, just ask! We’ll be happy to assist you or give you directions for how to back up data on your iPhone or iPad.


5) Bent aluminum corners make your device harder to repair…but we have the tools to fix it!


When you drop your device on its side or corner, the fragile aluminum that holds your screen in place will most likely bend out of shape. This leads to a more time-consuming repair, because you can’t replace a screen on a device with bent casing.

Luckily, we have all the tools to get the job done right! You’ve probably never heard of a gTool iCorner, but these specialty tools help me to reshape bent aluminum corners for a more professional repair.

Bonus points: Wanna impress your local repair technician? Ask if they use the gTool in their shop!


Hands fixing smartphone close-up


6) If possible, charge your phone before you bring it in for a repair.


You probably don’t even think about it, and that’s okay, but most professional repair technicians will do a full diagnostic test on your device prior to performing any repairs. They’ll check the speakers, Wifi, cellular connectivity, etc… If you bring us your device with a dead or dying battery, that’s an additional 10 minutes we both have to wait before we even start the repair. Which is okay, because all good work takes time, but we know you want your device back as soon as possible.

This obviously only applies to devices that are in working condition, but just need a new screen or small part installed. If your device doesn’t even turn on, we have a lot more to deal with than an uncharged battery.


7) Discovering defective parts during an installation is frustrating for both of us – but there’s little we can do when it happens.


Defective parts happen… but when it happens right in the middle of a repair, and it’s the last one we have in stock, and we can’t get a replacement until tomorrow… Ugh. We know you’re not going to be happy about it. We’re totally not happy about it. We’ve already called our supplier to complain about it, but unless our supplier is local, there’s not much we can do other than overnight the replacement parts to get your device fixed ASAP. We hope you accept our very sincere apologies if this happens. Times like these remind us why it’s important to use only high quality cell phone repair parts.


8) Know your device.


When you bring your phone to your local repair shop, it’s helpful if you know the model number, generation, or what year it was released. If your technician quotes you $100 over the phone for an iPhone 5 repair, only to learn you have an iPhone 5s, the price will be different – because the repair certainly is. We know it gets confusing with generation after generation of iPhones that look incredibly similar, and we don’t expect everyone to know the differences as well as we do, but the parts and repair processes are different for each device. Even in an iPhone 4, the repair parts are different dependent on which cellular provider you purchased it from. Confusing, right?


9) Tell your friends your phone is in the shop!


In the words of our friend Geoff Waller, “There’s nothing like trying to test a phone that won’t stop ringing and dinging!” Tweet to your friends, send them a Snapchat… let them know your phone will be in the shop and you’ll text them as soon as it’s done. Repairs should only take an hour or two, so don’t worry – your friends won’t be without you for long.

And if you have a good experience with us, let your friends know I can fix their broken phones, too! Word of mouth is a powerful and highly effective marketing tool, and we appreciate the help.


10) Always do your research before choosing a repair shop or technician to fix your device.


There’s no industry certification or requirements for someone to own and operate a wireless repair shop. There is no accountability, and no one to rectify any issues you might have if the tech does a shoddy job. But don’t let that deter you from choosing a third-party repair shop; there are hundreds of reputable repair shops all over the country, you just have to do your research to find them.

To find a reputable repair shop, search online for “iPhone repair shops” near you. It might take some digging, but when you find a shop, check out their website, read their reviews, look at their Facebook page. Whether you feel you can or can’t trust them, go with your gut instinct.

Your device is important, so finding someone you can trust to fix and take care of it for you will make all the difference. Sure you can find someone on Craigslist who will fix it for $20, but remember: the age-old adage, “you get what you pay for,” definitely applies here.


And if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.




Thanks to the Repair Community for inspiring this content! Though you inspire us everyday, if there’s something in particular you would like us to create for you to share with your customers, drop us a line! Leave a comment below, hit us up on social media, or give us a call at 913-839-1718. We want to help you help your customers, to make the right decision, to choose to repair NOT replace, and to improve the reputation of our growing wireless repair industry. Thank you for reading and for your continued support.