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If you haven’t taken our 2015 repair pricing survey, now’s your last chance to get FREE Ground Shipping (US only) and enter to win $500 store credit at eTech Parts! Thank you to everyone who’s completed our survey so far – the response has been outstanding. If you haven’t taken the survey yet you can find it here.

We encourage you to contribute to our annual repair market price check, a 5-minute survey to help us discover the trends and pricing averages of the cell phone repair industry. This information will help us help you see where you stand in your local market and nationwide.

eTech Parts Wireless Repair Price Check

We’re really excited to see the final results – and just to give you a preview, here’s what we’ve found out so far…


Average price to fix an iPhone 6 : $148

Average price to fix an iPhone 5c : $92

Average price to fix an iPhone 5 : $88


The winner of $500 store credit will be chosen (using and announced on Monday, June 29th. The market price survey results will be published soon after.

NOTE: multiple entries will be omitted from the drawing and from the final results. Please refrain from submitting the survey if you’ve already taken it. Thank you!


Why Great Customer Service is Important for Your Repair Shop

Offering great customer service is important for companies in every industry, but in wireless repair your approach to customer service can make or break your business. It has the potential to make an impact on the perception of the wireless repair industry as a whole.

Wireless repair is different from many industries because the “product” you sell is actually a service performed on a very delicate piece of equipment. In a way, you could compare the wireless repair industry to the auto repair industry. You’re fixing a device people rely on every single day.

Customer service is so ingrained in the culture of eTech Parts that it’s become more of a habit than anything. As Aristotle once said: “We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.” How does your cell phone repair shop provide excellent customer service?


Excellent customer service support


The wireless repair industry depends on excellent customer service.

Repair is a service you offer your customers; therefore, treating your customers with kindness, respect and appreciation along with offering a great quality repair is a requirement for your shop’s success. You can chalk it up to human nature; people want to do business with people they like.


Small business success is highly dependent on the satisfied customer.

According to the 2010 RightNow Customer Experience Impact report, 80% of respondents believed that smaller companies place a greater emphasis on service than larger companies do. Since 90% of the industry is made up of small businesses servicing local communities, there’s a good chance your business will struggle if customer service isn’t your top priority. When your small business is built on selling services, offering top-notch support is the #1 thing you can do to compete with big-box stores and your local competitors.


Do you trust your phone in the hands of just anyone?

Probably not. Just think of the knee-jerk reaction you have when your significant other (or mother, or brother) asks to use your phone! Show your customers you appreciate their trust and respect their privacy and personal property. They’re trusting you with their lifeline, so be sure to show your appreciation and give them a reason to come back when they need help.

Do what you can to educate future customers on why your repair shop is different and how your shop will take care of them. Be open, be honest and always look out for the well-being of your clients. With each customer comes the opportunity to improve the reputation of the repair industry – and you might even gain a few referrals, too.


Customer service is easy if you always do the right thing for the people you serve. Read our blog to learn more about how to improve customer loyalty for your cell phone repair shop.


Final Words of Wisdom

Michelle James, CMO of Wireless Dealer Magazine and the mastermind behind the Wireless Repair Expo at CTIA, believes repair is important for everyone – consumers need the solution and retailers and repair shops need the revenue. “Plus, because it’s a service it literally has the legs to create customer loyalty.”

Michelle’s extensive background in the wireless industry has given her a unique perspective on wireless repair today. In her eyes, finding success in wireless repair all depends on quality of service and building personal connections.

“Getting your phone repaired is personal. Repair is a people business. No one wants to ship their phone off and hope it comes back, they want to talk to someone about what is wrong, how will it get fixed and how much will it cost to fix it. Consumers need to talk to a person, in person.”


Stay on the lookout for our upcoming profile piece on Michelle James, where we discuss the progression of wireless, the upcoming Repair Expo, and the future of repair. Thanks for reading and be sure to stay tuned for more customer service-focused blogs coming this month from your friends at eTech Parts!

Testing Cables for iPhone 6/6+ Now in Stock!

We know your customers demand the highest quality repair at the best prices – no matter if it’s a simple iPhone battery replacement or a more intricate iPad glass screen repair. That’s why we use LCD testing cables on a daily basis, to ensure the quality of our replacement screens remains consistent with the quality you expect from eTech Parts.




With more inventory arriving in our warehouse for Chinese New Year, testing and quality control will become more of a focal point for many of us at eTech. This includes testing all our LCD Assemblies for iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus – aided in part by our testing units, an iPhone 6 testing cable and iPhone 6 Plus testing cable. It’s important for us to ensure the quality of each replacement part, by testing for functionality and inspecting each unit by hand.

Do you use LCD testing cables at your smartphone repair shop? LCD testing cables can be a great solution for testing your inventory of LCD screens without wearing down the devices at your shop. We have testing cables available for iPhones, iPods, iPad Mini, and Samsung Galaxy devices. Check out our wide selection of LCD testing cables and more from



New Free Shipping Rates

We’ve updated our free shipping threshold to offer the same great service at better prices to our Wholesale Repair Network. Starting today, all orders $500+ are eligible for FREE FedEx Ground and all orders $1000+ are eligible for FREE FedEx Standard Overnight.

fedex_express_planefor oldds


$500+ for Free FedEx Ground Shipping

Orders placed by 3PM CST, Monday – Friday


$1000+ for Free Standard Overnight Shipping

Orders placed by 4PM CST, Monday – Friday


At eTech Parts, we’re always looking for ways to improve the quality of our services and help the Repair Community – and when the Repair Community speaks, we’re all ears. Our customers have always loved the quality and speed of our shipping and handling; after negotiating our rates with FedEx, we’re now able to offer lower Free Shipping thresholds and pass those savings right to you.

Our shipping department is here to ensure the consistency of quality you expect from eTech Parts. Industry-leading service, premium wholesale parts iPhone, free tech support, easy returns, and informative content to help you market your iPhone repair business are just some of the ways eTech Parts supports small business repair shops.

If there’s another way we can help your repair business grow, we’d love to hear from you – just leave a comment down below!

Unplug Those Unused Charging Cables

As Todd Brewer was closing for the night at his Upstate New York phone repair shop, he thought he smelled something burning. After checking around the shop to make sure all his equipment was turned off, Todd returned to his work station to grab a charger for his phone.


It was here he discovered the source of the smell, and an alarming sight.




The culprit? This 8-pin charging cable, though not in use at the time, was left plugged in for a few hours following a repair — just long enough to nearly start a fire in Todd’s home office.


While we aren’t able to determine the exact quality of the cord at this time, Todd believes it’s an unauthorized, or “knock-off” charging cable. This isn’t the first case of potential damage caused by third-party chargers, and serves as a cautionary tale for all of us.


If you’re not using it, unplug it!



This picture was originally posted by Todd Brewer of Phone Wizard of Upstate New York on The Official Cell Phone Repair Facebook Group, a closed group created for and moderated by the Repair Community.

The online Repair Community has grown to include several repair forums and Facebook groups, and is quickly becoming a valuable resource for repair shop owners. Thanks to several members of the Repair Community who have welcomed me into these groups, allowing me to learn more about repairs and connect with all the wonderful, funny, caring people who make up this growing industry.

If you’re not already participating in repair forums and groups, there’s no telling what valuable tips and helpful information you’re missing out on. So come join the fun and connect with your peers!

Fix Mobile Tech Training School Review



Since I began working in the wireless repair industry I have always felt that there are what I would call three mythical beasts of cellphone repair. These are the things we have taken more calls at eTech Parts just about than any other tech problem. We are consistently asked where people can learn more about these things, who will teach them, and is there training available? These three things are:

  1. Soldering – Mostly of components on a logic board but also including the iPad Mini IC Chip, how do you do it?
  2. Glass Only Repair – New and large LCDs are hugely expensive, so how do you replace just the glass like the people on YouTube do (even though they more often than not omit some important parts from the final video)?
  3. Water Damage Repair – Is water damage repair a real thing more than a bag of silicone beads? What are good expectations of performing a water damage repair?




We have heard from many of the shops we visit that a good portion of their work is repairing a DIYer’s mistake, or fixing the errors of a fellow repair shop. A high technical aptitude seems to be what these shops have in common. Almost all of them are self-taught. As the industry grows there is a bigger need for schools to teach these skills. One of these schools is Fix Mobile Tech. I had the privilege of sitting in on one of their week-long courses.

The Fix Mobile Tech repair school in Gainesville, FL was a great experience. The class I audited was smaller with only three students – this class was customized to the students’ needs. One student had some experience, while the other two were just getting started with repair. This setup allowed me to see the training styles and content for both levels of experience. The class was very well executed. Fix Mobile Tech has the ability to give students with no experience the confidence they need to tackle almost any repair, while still equipping more advanced students with the harder-to-obtain skill sets. The students were also given the opportunity to work on more advanced repairs, like glass only repairs and board level soldering repair.




The school is situated near a local highway and plenty of amenities which was great. After double-checking my address, Fix Mobile Tech was easy to find. The building has recently been refinished and included something very dear to me: free coffee.

My first day of the class was great; after introductions the instructor (Mike) took the students right into some electrical theory. The education would prove useful in the following days as any student would be able to, with the right tools, more closely diagnose a problem in the system. Batteries were the cornerstone of this part of the education and a very sophisticated battery tester was used later.




The first day of class was also when the first phones were introduced. They were older, but ones that might still show up in shops from time to time. But they were not used because of their relevance, they were used because they taught principles. Replacing the Mini USB port on a Motorola Razor may not seem all too relevant because they were not prone to breaking, but with that practice, repairing the charging ports on the Samsung Galaxy S3 was suddenly a skill within reach. These charging ports were also replaced during the course.




By the second day, the students were successfully practicing glass replacement with LOCA on the Samsung Galaxy S3. After having tried this repair plenty of times on my own, and not even coming close to success for weeks, I find this is a rather large accomplishment. It was very encouraging to see how one instructor could give so much confidence to new techs in such a short time.

By the third day most of the content had been taught, which gave the instructors time to work with each student individually to master any area in which they either didn’t feel confident or were having trouble. By the end of the class, each student was successful in most areas of phone repair, including board level repair and glass only repair.




Fix Mobile Tech makes getting the instruction you need easy because they allow course customization along with their competitive pricing. Classes last at least a full 8 hours, which is time well-spent considering all repairs are hands-on and devices are provided. One of the things that really stood out to me was working on devices that the students had brought themselves. These were devices that had caused one problem or another, and that one of the students hung on to and brought to the class. At the end of the week these devices were repaired. Repairing these devices is what took the content and put it into action, successfully demonstrating the relevance and usefulness of Fix Mobile Tech’s classes.

The guys at Fix Mobile Tech are always happy to answer questions you might have about what their courses could mean for you. Check them out on Facebook [here] or look into their available courses [here].

Going LOCO for LOCA.. and Day 3 Winners!

This month marks the 1-year anniversary of the release of the Wiha Pentalobe screwdriver — a driver that instantly became every technician’s favorite screwdriver for repairing iDevices. To celebrate, we’re giving 10 of them away! The following 10 lucky winners (chosen by will receive ONE brand new Wiha Pentalobe screwdriver from eTech Parts!

  1. Travis Vinje
  2. George Deleija
  3. Jess Haze
  4. Brian Cook
  5. Daniel Tolson
  6. Christine Derr
  7. Pedro Brenda Ferrer
  8. Michael Andreasen
  9. Steve Kramer
  10. Beau Dorsey

Congratulations! Please contact us via email at Marketing@etechparts[.]com, call us at 913-839-1718, or send us a Private Message on social media to claim your prize.


On the 4th Day of Giveaways, eTech Parts gave to me…


Kevin and Ryan know the true bonding power of Osaka LOCA… now you can too! 9 lucky winners will receive a 30mL tube of Osaka LOCA and a LOCA glue gun absolutely free. Take your repairs to the next level with Osaka LOCA — go LIKE and COMMENT on our Facebook giveaway post to enter for your chance to win!

You can subscribe to our blog for an additional entry, too. Read our previous Giveaway blog for sweepstakes rules and more info. GOOD LUCK!