New Parts for ChromeBook

Over the past 3 years, ChromeBook laptops have become a popular educational tool utilized by schools nationwide. Its durability and affordability make it perfect for schools teaching small children and young teens. Though Chromebooks can withstand a fairly significant amount of damage when compared to other leading laptops, the device is far from unbreakable. Cracked screens and broken hinges can happen anytime – so when it happens at a school near you, you can be the first shop to offer a solution with the tools and parts for ChromeBook repair from eTech Parts.

We now offer repair parts for the Samsung ChromeBook XE303, the Lenovo ChromeBook X131e, and the new 11-inch Dell ChromeBook 11. These are the most popular non-Apple laptops for students in the US; now you have a reliable source to find the parts and tools to fix them! Whether you own a small business repair shop and want to offer ChromeBook repairs to your local schools – or you work at a school and repair the tech yourself – these OEM-equivalent repair parts are the perfect fit.


parts for chromebook 1


Parts for Samsung ChromeBook XE303

The Samsung ChromeBook Series 3 (Model XE303C12) was released in 2012 and received excellent reviews for being a simple, easy-to-use laptop designed as “a cheap, portable way to get online, with nothing getting in the way.”

This laptop was designed to be durable, but as with most laptops and electronics, its LCD is the most commonly replaced part. You can find the replacement LCD for Samsung ChromeBook XE303 on our website, along with the tools you need to fix it – a heatgun, a simple #0 Phillips screwdriver and a pry tool like the iSesamo should do the trick. If the screen bezel gets damaged during repair, we have the LCD screen bezel to replace it.

If you need housing units, batteries, keyboards, AC adapters or LCD cables we have what you need! Find quality compatible replacement parts for Samsung ChromeBook XE303 on



Parts for Lenovo ChromeBook X131e

The Lenovo ThinkPad Chromebook X131e was released in 2012 as a rugged laptop built to withstand the everyday school adventures, busy work schedules and on-the-go travels of today’s modern life.

This laptop was also designed with durability in mind, but luckily the LCD screen is easy to find – you can use the same one as the Samsung ChromeBook XE303. We have the screen bezel compatible with the Lenovo Thinkpad, as well as the replacement keyboard, housing units, 20V AC charger and more.

You’ll need the same tools to fix the LCD on this laptop – a #0 Philips screwdriver, heating element and pry tool. If the iSesamo doesn’t do the trick, check out our favorite pry tool for iPads. This 1″ putty knife can really come in handy when replacing LCDs. Find high-quality compatible parts for Lenovo ChromeBook X131e on our website.



Parts for Dell ChromeBook 11

The 11-inch Dell ChromeBook 11 was released in February 2015 as a great option for students (and lab students in particular) who need an ultraportable, weatherproof, easy-to-use laptop . The reviews of the 2015 Dell ChromeBook 11 have been phenomenal so far, with some critics believing this Dell could easily become the top performing laptop of its kind.

Find quality repair parts for Dell ChromeBook 11 at eTech Parts.

Considering the Dell ChromeBook’s rugged design and recent release, repairs might not start rolling in for a few more months. Prepare your shop and get ahead of the game by reaching out to schools near you to see what devices they’re using to teach students. Whether they deploy iPads, MacBooks, or the new Dell ChromeBook 11, eTech Parts has the parts and tools you need to offer your community an affordable repair solution.


Please log in to view pricing, or sign up to join our wholesale network today. We offer discounts to repair shop owners and we accept Purchase Orders from schools and government institutions, too. If you have any questions, please give us a call at 913-839-1718 and we’ll be happy to assist you.


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