How Much Does Your Phone Really Cost?

If you own and operate a cell phone repair shop, we’re sure you’re familiar with the phrase, “You want how much to fix my phone? But I only paid $199 for it!!”


Many consumers are unaware the true value of a smartphone is more than the rate provided with a subsidized contract. What seems to be a great deal at first – $199 for a new phone on a 2-year contract – actually costs more over time and greatly skews the perceived value. This in turn cheapens the perceived value of repairs, which leads to consumers feeling less motivated to choose repair.

Lowering the perceived value of smartphones will continue to impact wireless repair shops, unless we educate consumers on the true value of their devices. To help repair shop owners educate repair customers, our team at eTech Parts researched devices and subsidized contracts to create the following infographic for the Repair Community.


Post it on Facebook, Tweet about it, and share with customers and friends to help spread the word. Let’s work together to debunk this myth and promote consumer awareness. Because $199 is just a down payment – not the full price you pay.



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14 responses to “How Much Does Your Phone Really Cost?

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  4. Understanding the real cost of cell phones and the service expenses related to them is something every consumer would be wise to be informed about. Interesting and useful information concerning the varied real cost pertaining to sources. Thank you.

  5. It would be great to get a poster like this for our shop. I cannot post a picture of where we will hang it up since I’m not currently there but once you send me one I can definitely send a pic of where it’s posted.

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