Scam Site – Beware!

Please take note of this online scam affecting several stateside wholesale cell phone parts suppliers. DO NOT give your personal information to any website or person claiming to be eTech Parts, unless you’re 100% sure of its legitimacy.


Maybe you noticed something phishy after Google-searching “etech parts” recently. Last week we discovered eTech Parts was the target of a duplicate content scraping attack in which a scam site called stole all our site content and used it as their own.

This means, when you search “etech parts” on Google, the first result says it’s eTech Parts but links to the URL This link redirects visitors to another site, which we figured out is an online scam overseas.




Not only did the culprits steal our product images, they copied all our meta data and site content so that when the Google search bot lands on the page, it indexes our eTech content; but when a user goes to the page in a web browser, they’re redirected to the scam site.

First the link redirected to Today the link redirects to Please be aware both sites are untrusted and you should NOT provide either with any personal or financial information.


Screen Shot 2015-03-02 at 12.33.24 PM


We’ve taken the required steps to fix this by reporting our stolen content to Google. It appears to be gradually ranking lower, and thankfully has regained our top search spot. Thanks to our loyal customers for informing us of this scam!

Beware blackhat SEO tricks like these which may occur again and on other wholesale supplier sites. Never give your personal or financial info to anyone claiming to be eTech Parts, anyone claiming to be our vendor, or any site that doesn’t include a phone number and mailing address (not a PO Box). These simple checks will help you stay safe while shopping online for wholesale cell phone repair parts.


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