Coming Soon.. Chinese New Year!

Here at eTech Parts we’ve been bulking up our inventory to support you when industry-wide shortages hit. Getting your hands on wholesale repair parts iPhone during Chinese New Year can be tricky, especially if you don’t prepare ahead of time.

We’ll do our best to stay well-stocked throughout the Chinese holiday, but we do suggest ordering a little extra inventory over the next couple weeks to prepare your shop for any possible shortages. Whether your most popular repair is fixing an iPhone 5c screen or you’ve been replacing a lot more iPhone batteries lately, you might add some extras to your next order just in case.


2015 is year of the goat


Leading up to February 19th, all factories in China will shut down and suppliers stop shipping product. After the week-long holiday is over, workers return to factories and production begins – but it takes a couple weeks for production to reach normal capacity. So while stock is usually pretty healthy throughout CNY, shortages typically occur in the weeks following CNY.

You can check out our blog from last year for more information on the history of Chinese New Year and how it affects the iPhone repair industry. 2015 is the year of the goat and it is believed that anyone born in a goat year is calm, gentle, creative, thoughtful, amicable, and honest. If you were born in a goat year, congratulations – 2015 is your year!


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