How Many Parts Do You Order in Advance?

In this edition of Ask the Soul Proprietor, Alister offers some valuable advice on how to order replacement parts in advance. This is a question we get a lot here at eTech Parts, so hopefully Alister’s advice helps you learn how to organize your inventory process to better prepare your repair shop with the parts you need.

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Ask the Soul Proprietor


Question: How many parts do you order in advance? There are a plethora of different smartphones out there.


When it comes to placing orders, the goal is to place as few orders as possible. For example placing one large order per month is much better than placing one smaller order per week.


Why is it better to place fewer but bigger orders?

  • Cut down shipping costs
  • Save time spent in front of the computer placing orders
  • Save the environment from extra packing materials and unneeded carbon emissions


How Many Of Each Part To Order

Placing bigger orders that last longer requires that you know how much of each part you use each month. Remember: “What gets measured, gets managed”. If you are keeping track of how many iPhone 4S white LCD screens and iPhone 5 home button flex cables you use each month, then knowing how much of each to order each month is easy work!


Perform Regular Inventory Counts

Set one day each week where you know you will have 1-2 hours to devote strictly to inventory. Use this time to conduct a complete physical count of what is in your store, review sales data from the previous week, sort defective parts, test all those batteries and screens that you have lying around the shop with yellow sticky notes that say “test” on them, etc. The more detailed count you take, the more information you will get from the count that you can then use for placing your next order.


Stay Organized

Spend a little time setting up a system for your parts and inventory. Make it pretty with labels if you are feeling courageous. The point is if you have a good system, the process becomes simpler and easier.


Use the “Save” Feature on eTech’s Website

I used to spend a lot of time placing my orders until I began using the “save item” feature on eTech’s website. With this feature, you can save a list of your most popularly ordered items in one location so you can go through and create your order quickly.



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-The Soul Proprietor


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