ScrewMats for iPhone 6/6+ Now in Stock!

eTech Parts is a proud advocate of the ScrewMat.. Whether you’re a technician who’s always on-the-go, you’re new to repair, or you’re training a new technician, these magnetic project mats can really come in handy. This helpful magnetic mat is typically the first device-specific repair tool to follow the release of a new device, so whenever a new iPhone is released we know it won’t be long until we see its ScrewMat!




We all know the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus are larger than previous iPhone models, and if you’ve seen the iFixit teardowns you know the internal design has changed significantly, too. But what about the ScrewMats? When we got the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus ScrewMat in, we noticed they looked a little different than their ancestors, so we decided to do a comparison of our very own to show the differences side-by-side.


EDIT - Screwmat1


These new ScrewMats for the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus are designed quite a bit differently than previous ScrewMats we’ve seen.

For starters, the new ScrewMats feature arrows showing the location and correct orientation of all small parts and shields. This is different from previous ScrewMats, which simply show the small parts and shields without showing where the parts are located within the device. We consider this an improvement to the overall design and function of the ScrewMat.


Closeup Screwmat 2


Another design improvement is the list of instructions on the right-hand side of the mat. Previous ScrewMats didn’t include much instruction for disassembly, other than brief instructions on replacing the LCD assembly.

The new iPhone 6 ScrewMat features more in-depth instructions on which screws to remove for replacing the LCD (a whopping 16 screws for the iPhone 6 and 17 screws for the iPhone 6 Plus), which screws to remove for complete disassembly, and it even shows the location of each flex cable and antenna connector you need to unplug per repair. Basically, the new ScrewMat design offers more user-friendly information and instruction for repairing these devices.


Closeup ScrewMat 1


You can find the iPhone 6 ScrewMat and iPhone 6 Plus ScrewMat on our website. The ScrewMat is available for every generation iPhone, the most recent generations of the iPad, iPod Touch 4 and 5, Samsung devices and some Motorola devices. These magnetic mats can help technicians at any level — whether you’re a total beginner or consider yourself an expert, you never know when a ScrewMat will come in handy. These are especially helpful in training new technicians on the proper execution of iPhone repair, so that no screws or shields go misplaced (or worse, not replaced at all).

And I can tell you from personal experience, if your job ever requires you to repair an iPhone on stage in front of a large group of repair experts ready to critique your every turn of a screwdriver….definitely use a ScrewMat.


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