What the New iPad Air 2 Design Means for Repair

Some major design changes to the recently-released iPad Air 2 will likely lead to an increase in the price of screen repairs for third-party repair shops. iFixit’s iPad Air 2 teardown shows a fused LCD, glass and digitizer held down by “gobs of adhesive” — which is likely the reason for the low repairability score of 2/10.




It’s somewhat reassuring to know iFixit doesn’t find the iPad Air 2 any more difficult to repair than previous iPad models.

A redesign in the location of the iPad Air 2 display cables might even make it a little easier to open when compared to previous iPad models, however the addition of Touch ID to the iPad Air 2 means another risk for damage during repair. The design of the iPad Air 2’s Touch ID sensor cable closely resembles that of the newest generation of iPhones and will require careful removal and replacement during a screen repair.

Though a fused display will cost more to replace as a complete unit, thus raising the cost of third-party iPad repairs, this will likely cause an increase in glass-only repairs for these tablets. We can see glass-only repair becoming a popular option for replacing and repairing iPad Air 2 screens.




Thanks for reading and as always, eTech Parts will have parts for iPad Air 2 in stock as soon as they become available! Until then we have all the repair parts for iPads you need to find success in wireless repair. Stay tuned for more industry news and company updates from eTech Parts — you can LIKE us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter and Instagram and be sure to subscribe to our Blog feed, too. We love hearing from the Repair Community so let us know what YOU think about the new iPad Air 2 in the comments below!


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