The gTool PanelPress Will Fix Those Bent iPhones

First it was iBic… then everyone’s favorite Red Tape… and now, the gTool PanelPress! We may have broken grounds and started trends in the past with new parts and tools, but never like this. Thanks to our partners at gTool, eTech Parts is proud to announce we have exclusive selling rights to the gTool PanelPress — as featured in CNET, BGR, Digital Trends and YahooTech!


Have you heard the news? The gTool PanelPress has gotten a little press lately (pun absolutely intended) as the first and only professional tool on the market for “un-bending” the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus. Following the BendGate fiasco of the last few weeks, the story seems to have regained steam in the tech media with the discovery of the gTool PanelPress.

BGR was the first to release the story following a tweet from the famous Sonny Dickson, who has been known for breaking news stories on Apple rumors for years..


Screen Shot 2014-10-10 at 9.47.16 AM


In their article, BGR unfortunately doesn’t list where you can find the gTool PanelPress — which is ONLY at eTech Parts. YahooTech also ran the story in a rather tongue-in-cheek manner, which is okay, because they later updated the story to include where you can find the PanelPress, which is, yes, only at eTech Parts. Thanks guys!

This alone is great publicity for gTool, a recently-launched brand of tools created specifically for professionals specializing in mobile repair. While it might be news to the rest of the world, we know the Repair Community has been crazy about gTool for months! Can you believe the gTool iCorner was only just released back in February?!

Yesterday CNET covered the gTool PanelPress story with all the correct information, including where you can get this crazy contraption (only at eTech Parts) and for how much (retail price, of course). Digital Trends ran the story as well, including a link to eTech Parts which we were more than thrilled to see.


Congratulations to gTool for the exciting coverage! It’s been awesome to see our partners at gTool get some publicity for the brand. While the gTool PanelPress definitely wasn’t created for the general public’s use, which has been lost in the scuffle of the news cycle, it’s really cool to see online media take note of the innovative products coming from our partners at gTool. We can only hope to see the same amount of media coverage for the gTool PadJack — a device which removes an iPad screen in 90 seconds — upon its release in early 2015.

Thanks for reading and be sure to check out our website for more on the gTool PanelPress! Login to see your discounted pricing or signup for a wholesale account today. Want to stay up to date with all the latest in the repair industry and tech news? You can follow us on Twitter and Instagram @etechparts and LIKE us on Facebook, too!


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