Master Tool Bench Giveaway Winner

As you may know we’re pretty fond of the good old-fashioned giveaway, so during our exciting week at the Wireless Repair Expo 2014, we offered anyone who visited us in our suite a chance to win our Master Tech Bench tool kit. We collected over 80 entries throughout the week and brought them home to Kansas for a traditional raffle-style drawing! Now that things are starting to wind down, we’re ready to announce the very lucky winner of our biggest giveaway contest yet!




So what will our lucky winner receive in this grand prize giveaway? The Master Tool Bench Set includes all the Red Tape, LCD testing cables, every ScrewMat currently available, our portable Multiuse Tool Pouch, Wiha Multibit driver, and the industry’s most popular gTool repair solutions including the gTool Screen Jack, iCorner Sidewall and Corner tool for iPhone 5/5s and iCorner Sidewall and Corner tool for iPad 2/3/4. This kit retails for over $1749.99 and is available at a discounted price to wholesale dealers — but now one lucky member of the Repair Community will receive this tool kit absolutely free!



  And the winner is….


Pedro Ferrer!



Congratulations Pedro! Thank you for joining us during the first-ever Wireless Repair Expo. We hope you got a chance to connect with members of the Repair Community and learn a little along the way, but most of all we hope you had a great time while making a positive impact on your repair business. See you next year?

If you don’t want to spring for the Master’s Tool Bench Set just yet, we have plenty of options for you to get started with what you need at the right price. Check out our full selection of eTech-tested and approved technician tool kits!



Specialist’s Tool Bench Set

The Specialist’s Tool Bench Set is the perfect compromise for any technician who wants the Master Bench set but isn’t ready to make that large an initial investment. The Specialist’s Tool Bench set includes Red Tape and dispenser, several of the required tools for glass-only repairs, LCD testing cables, plenty of anti-static gear, and the Wiha 50 Piece Master Technician’s Tool Rack — so you can feel like a Master Tech right out the gate!

eTech Parts Specialist’s Tool Bench Set retails for $529.99. Log in or signup for a wholesale account to see discounted pricing.



Professional’s Tool Bench Set

The Professional’s Tool Bench Set is a great option for any technician looking to dip his or her feet in the water with a basic tool kit. This kit, built by eTech Parts, comes with two rolls of everybody’s favorite Red Tape adhesive, anti-static gear, Wiha screwdrivers, opening tools galore — including the iSesamo — and a heat gun! Available for a retail price of $229.99, there’s a lot more to this kit so be sure to check it out.

eTech Parts Professional’s Tool Bench Set retails for $229.99. Log in or signup for a wholesale account to see discounted pricing.


eTech Parts Multiuse Tool Pouch

Perfect for the traveling repair technician, the eTech Parts Multiuse Tool Pouch includes every tool needed to perform the most popular repairs on all Apple devices! Including an iSesamo, Wiha screwdrivers, plastic spudgers, Knipex tweezers and more! Researched and hand-picked by our on-site technician who combined these tools make up the ideal premium quality tool kit for repairing Apple devices.

The eTech Parts Multiuse Tool Pouch retails for $124.99. Log in or signup for a wholesale account to see discounted pricing.



eTech Parts Multibit Driver

Another perfect solution for traveling repair technicians, the eTech Parts Multibit Driver features an ESD-safe handle to prevent damage from static discharge and every screwdriver bit required to repair the latest Apple devices. This is the perfect tool for mobile repair technicians who refuse to compromise quality for portability.

The eTech Parts Multibit Driver retails for $54.99. Log in or signup for a dealer account to see wholesale pricing.





Screwdriver Kits

You know what they say.. You can tell a lot about a technician by the quality of their tools — and the best technicians only want the best tools for the job. eTech Parts is proud to partner with the best in our full support of Wiha and Wera brand screwdrivers for the Repair Community. We have everything from the impeccable Wera Kraftform Kompakt Torque Tool kit to the admirable 50 Piece Master Technicians Tool Rack (we have the ESD version, too). We take our tools seriously here at eTech Parts, which is why we offer a full range of high quality affordable kits as well as the best your money can buy.

Check out our selection of Wiha screwdrivers, Wera screwdrivers, and Screwdriver kits. Log in or signup for a wholesale account to see your discounted pricing.


Whether you’re just getting started in the wireless repair industry or looking to grow your current repair business, having dependable tools and quality repair parts is a prerequisite for success. Trust eTech Parts as your partner in repair and you can consider it handled. Be sure to check out our latest virtual tool, the eTech Parts Field Guide for iPhone and iPad Repair. This virtual guide includes repair tips and detailed information on parts and tools you can find at eTech Parts. Thanks for reading and be sure to follow us on Twitter and Instagram @etechparts and LIKE us on Facebook, too!


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