#BendGate, Meet Your Match

In light of the recent #bendgate fiasco, it seems the new gTool PanelPress couldn’t have better timing…


Hundreds of new iPhone users are voicing their concerns about the thin aluminum back casing featured on the iPhone 6 and more specifically, the iPhone 6 Plus. Reports and videos released this week show just how easy it is to bend the new iPhone out of shape, which has both consumers and repair shop owners concerned about the future of iPhone 6 Plus repairs. Apple sold a record-breaking 10 million new iPhones over the weekend, and as Apple’s updated out-of-warranty repair prices show an increase across the board, it’s reassuring to know we have the perfect solution right here at eTech Parts.

#Bendgate, meet your match.


gTool PanelPress


Introducing the gTool PanelPress, a brand new professional repair solution from the creators of gTool!

The gTool PanelPress is the perfect solution for reshaping bent aluminum back casings featured on mobile devices. When damage occurs, oftentimes the iPhone’s aluminum back housing gets bent out of shape. A bent and deformed back case will typically cause issues during a repair as it prevents the replacement glass from fitting in the frame correctly. In the past, the only way to fix this was to replace the entire housing, or hope for the best as you attempt to bend it back by hand.


Thanks to our partners at gTool, we now have the perfect solution for bent aluminum back casings. The gTool PanelPress works with iPhones as well as any flat aluminum back housing that fits in its frame. Available exclusively at eTech Parts, the PanelPress will complete your line of professional repair solutions from the innovative designers at gTool. You can find the gTool PanelPress on our website along with the full lineup of gTool repair solutions. Be sure to log in or sign up for a wholesale account to see your discounted pricing.

If you’re wondering how to use this fancy new gadget, you’re certainly not alone. We had plenty of questions for the gTool Product Designer, Wikus Combrinck, during the gTool Product Premiere, an exclusive event hosted by eTech Parts. Watch it below!

Experience the Exclusive Product Launch

Are you bummed you couldn’t join us for the gTool Product Premiere? We figured you would be, which is why we recorded the whole event to share with you now!

eTech Parts in collaboration with gTool released the gTool Panel Press during a very special product premiere on September 9th, 2014. We invited over 100 members of the Repair Community to join us for the first-ever gTool product premiere and we’re pleased to report it was a huge success! We even unveiled the never-before-seen gTool PadJack, a truly mind-blowing device which you can learn more about by watching our Exclusive gTool Product Premiere on YouTube.

We’d love to hear your thoughts on the new gTool PanelPress, especially if you’ve already had a chance to use it! Have you seen any new iPhones bent out of shape? Let us know in the comments below, we always love hearing from the Repair Community!


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