NEW! Official eTech Parts T-Shirts


Represent the best… Get some official eTech Parts T-shirts for you and your whole crew!




While there’s no doubting the hard work that goes into every aspect of what we do here at eTech, I must admit, we have it pretty good. eTech is a fantastic place to work and while some may call us “spoiled,” we just know we’re incredibly lucky. Aside from Friday morning breakfasts, the best part about working at eTech Parts is the relaxed environment, which is due mainly in part to our casual dress code.

If you’re ever in the KC area and have a chance to come visit eTech (which is highly recommended and always welcomed) you’ll notice lots of jeans and t-shirts around the building. eTech shirts are a main fashion staple for many employees here and we wear them with pride as we label parts, assist customers, and write blogs about t-shirts.

But I digress.. The point is we now have official eTech Parts t-shirts for YOU, too! For all shapes and sizes, S-XXXL, we have one that will fit you perfectly. The snazzy, bright red hue will really complement your complexion, too. Add a couple tee’s your next order and remember to share!




After an overwhelming number of requests from you guys in the Repair Community looking to rep your favorite parts supplier, we now have OFFICIAL eTech Parts T-Shirts available on our site. We gave some shirts away to 5 lucky folks in the community yesterday, but you still have a chance to snag some for you and your whole crew. Represent the best…get your official eTech shirt today!

What’s your shop’s dress code like? Do you keep it casual or have a specific employee uniform or dress code? Comment below and let us know! Be sure to follow us on Twitter and Instagram @etechparts and like us on Facebook to stay on top of iPhone repair industry news and updates.


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