Samsung Galaxy S5 & Note 3 Small Parts

We’re always looking for ways to better help our growing community of repair shops. Over the past year we’ve gotten a huge increase in calls and emails from repair shop technicians requesting we add more Samsung parts to our inventory.


Galaxy-S5-verse-Note-3-HeaderImage courtesy of Digital Trends


We can’t tell you how many times we’ve heard, “My shop buys everything else from eTech Parts — we just wish you had Samsung parts!” Thanks to our loyal customers for the suggestions, and thanks to Ryan, our procurement agent, for finding a stateside supplier with authorized Samsung repair parts; over the past year we’ve steadily increased our stock of Samsung repair parts to over double what it used to be!

Whether you need a Samsung Galaxy S5 charging port or a battery and rear camera for Galaxy Note 3, eTech Parts has you covered! We have new parts in stock and arriving daily so be sure to check out our growing selection of Samsung Galaxy S5 Small Parts and Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Small Parts. And remember, if there are any parts, tools or accessories we’re not currently carrying — but you wish we were — let us know! You can drop us a line anytime, call us at 913-839-1718, comment below, and we’ll make sure your voice gets heard.



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