How to Survive the Wireless Repair Expo

We told you how to make the most of your time at the Wireless Repair Expo at CTIA 2014… Now we’re going to give you some tips on how to survive the Wireless Repair Expo! Conferences and conventions are usually pretty similarly set up and organized, and since we’ve been to more than a few of these in the past, we wanted to share what we took (or what we wish we’d taken) to our conventions in the past!

Introducing the Wireless Repair Expo Survival Kit! Everything we have to help you survive the craziness of a Las Vegas conference. We’ll even give you 10% off each product when you purchase any of the following Survival Kit products for the Wireless Repair Expo. Read on for more information on how you can snag an awesome survival pack of your own at a great price!


Wireless Repair Expo Survival Kit

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You will definitely need a travel-friendly backpack for your adventures in Las Vegas. Lugging around a heavy and uncomfortable sack on your back can make for a not-so-pleasant travel experience (and sore shoulders). I’m not exaggerating when I tell you that every single person who travels on behalf of eTech Parts, travels only with the best – Spigen Backpacks!

I never used a backpack during my high school and college years because, typical of many teenagers, I thought backpacks were lame. Now I use my Spigen backpack every day to tote my laptop and business materials between home and work. My bright orange Spigen backpack is sleek, it looks great and there’s plenty of storage space for everything I need. It’s a perfect fit for any student or professional!


These backpacks are seriously the best option for those of us who love technology and love to travel. There are tons of pockets for all your gadgets, a special protective pouch for your laptop, padded back and shoulder straps for comfort, and tons of room if you need to pack it really full. We have extremely high standards at eTech Parts and Spigen backpacks fit the script.

You can find Spigen backpacks on our website.


Charging Cases


Before you go to a conference of any kind, there’s something you need to know: your phone battery will die. Your phone battery will probably die before you even leave the convention so, if you’re even partially dependent on your phone for directions, contact information or schedule times, you need to be prepared.

Luckily, when we went to CES this past January, Emily hooked us up with everything we needed to succeed – including several options for backup battery power. My favorite and most useful choice was this Powercase for iPhone 5/5s. It came in handy more times than I can even count; I still use it from time to time when my battery dies and I don’t have time to stop and charge it. All you do is charge the case and when your battery dies, plug your phone into the case and with the push of a button it’ll charge your battery right up. We have a Powercase for iPhone 4/4s, too.

Screen Shot 2014-08-18 at 12.18.54 PM

Naztech claims the Powercase “nearly doubles” the battery life, but I’ve gotten up to 2 extra charges from a Powercase from only charging the case itself once. This is an absolute must-have for anyone attending CTIA.


Wallet Cases

When you’re not using a charging case to power up your phone, you’re going to need something else to keep it protected. Wallet cases for your phone are the best for traveling because you have plenty of room for cash, credit cards, your ID, your room key, and plenty of business cards. These Prodigee Wallegee cases are highly rated and eTech-approved. Just check out our Wallegee case review below!

Wallegee cases are available for the iPhone 5/5s in a variety of colors. Check them out on our website.

Charging Cubes & Cables

You’re probably going to need some extra wall chargers and charging cables for your trip, because there’s a good chance you’ll leave one behind along the way. We know how annoying it can be to pay retail price on charging cords and cubes when you can get it much cheaper elsewhere, so it’s best to have a couple of these on hand pretty much all the time.

We have tons of options for charging cubes and cables for iPhones, iPods, iPads, and Android devices. We suggest this 4-port travel charger by Naztech, mainly because it can charge 4 devices at once, saving you time and outlet space. As for charging cables, I personally recommend the Spigen 8-Pin Lightning cable for anyone with an iPhone 5/5s/5c. It’s longer and more durable than the lightning cord that comes with the iPhone 5s. You can find all of this and more on our website.

Chargers and Adapters for iPhones

Chargers and Adapters for Android


eTech Parts Shirts


Don’t be afraid to stick out in the crowd with this bright red eTech Parts shirt! We know you’re gonna get tons of free swag at the convention but you want to rep the best, right? Show the crowd and your friends back home your eTech pride!

Screen Protectors

If you’re in Vegas, there’s a good chance you’ll have a couple drinks. When you have a couple drinks, you’re more likely to drop and damage your phone. Apparently drunk people drop their phones a lot. Keep your devices safe with these screen protectors from eTech Parts. We suggest the Rhino Shield or Spigen GLAS.t screen protectors, which are both created from shatter-resistant tempered glass. These will save you from a broken screen and the inconvenience of traveling with a shattered iPhone.

Screen Protectors from eTech Parts


Red TapeTM


Because there’s never an occasion when you don’t need Red TapeTM. It’s a well-known fact here at the office that if you’re without Red TapeTM, something WILL break. Or fall apart. Or at least require some extra help from our sticky little friend, Red TapeTM. You never know when you’ll need it!

You can find Red TapeTM exclusively at eTech Parts.

Use coupon code “Expo2014” at checkout to receive 10% off any of the items listed above! One-time use only, valid until September 9th, 2014. Quantity restrictions apply, contact us at 913-839-1718 for more details. Get your very own Wireless Repair Expo Survival Kit at a great price for a limited time only. If you’ll be at the Wireless Repair Expo at CTIA 2014, you can’t afford to miss out on this limited time offer!


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