The New iPhone is Coming!

The release of the new iPhone is just around the corner! Today re/code, a publication with a perfect track record for past Apple release dates, reported that Apple has set the date for announcing the newest model iPhone. The Wall Street Journal and Bloomberg have both independently confirmed the release date as well. Whether the event will include both rumored versions of the soon to be released device, or just one of the devices, of course remains to be seen. We can all expect to find out everything on September 9th!




In the meantime, you can check out our past iPhone 6 rumor roundups to find out what the rumor mill has churned up so far, and what we might be looking forward to with the next devices. And of course, you can expect eTech Parts to have parts for the new iPhone in stock shortly after the device is released onto the market.

Whatever Apple has in store for this media event, we can’t wait to find out! What features do YOU want to see in the newest generation iPhone? Are you excited for a bigger screen, better battery, NFC integration, or a sapphire screen? While some of the folks here at eTech Parts can’t wait for a bigger iPhone to be released, I personally hope they don’t make the newer versions too big. Though I think all of us can agree on hoping for an improved iPhone battery life.. Let us know what you think in the comments below!


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