Hiring New Technicians? We Can Help!

Lately we’ve noticed an exciting new trend in the wireless repair industry… Hundreds of repair shops around the country are posting job ads on social media, searching for beginner or skilled technicians to join their teams. Growth is always great news for the repair industry and we’re proud to see these one-man shops growing from one to two, from two to four, to multiple locations in a matter of a year or two!


New Employees - Green Pushpin on a Map Background.


If you’re searching for a new technician, we know the process can be daunting. How do you find a technician who knows the technical stuff but can handle interacting with customers, too? Are you willing to train the right person to be your new technician, or is experience a requirement for your business? Every repair shop is different, so that means your needs are different, too.

If you’re searching for a new technician, but not really sure what you should be searching for, look no further. We’ve created two guidelines for smartphone repair technician job position posts to help you figure out what qualities and qualifications you should look for in your next hire. Again, every repair shop is different so you might need to add or subtract a couple things from the lists as you see fit. Check them out below!



We also suggest checking out SmartTech Jobs, a website specifically created for cell phone and device repair job postings. Both employers and job seekers have access to posting their information on SmartTech Jobs, which is cool because it shows you what other repair shop owners are looking for in technicians as well. You can even check out the resume section to see if there are any qualified technicians looking for work in your area!


Tool Bench Sets




When you’re ready to bring on a new technician for training, you better have the right tools for the job! We’re really excited about these new Tool Bench Sets, created with technicians in mind and exclusively from eTech Parts. These bench sets come with everything you need to perform the most basic wireless repairs. With three different levels of technician tool sets, there’s definitely one that will fit your repair shop needs (and budget). These kits are packed full of high quality tools built to last!


Professional’s Tool Bench Set

The Professional’s Tool Bench Set comes with everything you need to get started doing the most basic wireless repairs! It includes a starter pack of Red TapeTM adhesive, opening tools, digital laser gun infrared thermometer, spring clamps, anti-static essentials and all the Wiha screwdrivers you need for the most basic repairs. It includes much more, you can check it out on our website — and be sure to log in to see your wholesale discount!




Specialist’s Tool Bench Set

The Specialist’s Tool Bench Set is packed full of tools to help you get started in glass-only repairs and water damage repairs. This kit includes everything in the Professional’s Tool Bench Set as well as LCD testing cables, the Wiha 50 Piece Master Technician’s Tool Rack, some additional spring clamps and suction cup tools, and smaller tools to help with glass only repairs. The Specialist’s Tool Set comes with the Red TapeTM dispenser, too, which is a huge hit among members of the Repair Community.


Master Tool Bench Set

Our Master Tool Bench Set is a tool kit for the ultimate professional repair technician. Not only does it include everything in the Professional and Specialist’s tool kit, it includes the entire gTool lineup AND all the ScrewMats you can imagine! Do you remember the Unauthorized Guide to iPhone, iPad, and iPod Repair? It’s included in there, too! Be sure to check out the full kit on our website to see just how much swag is packed in this fantastic kit.


Thanks for reading and let us know in the comments below if you’ve hired any new employees so far this year. How many employees have you hired? And in your opinion, is it better to hire someone with experience or the “right person” to train how to do the job? Let us know your experiences in the comments below, you know we love hearing from you! Be sure to join us over on our Facebook page where the thriving Repair Community talks shop and discusses all things from repair techniques to business etiquette. You can find us on Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube too, so be sure to follow and subscribe for more from your friends at eTech Parts!


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