gTool iCorner B-Series: Every gTool iCorner in One Kit!

gTool iCorner B-Series: Every gTool iCorner in One Kit!


When I first laid eyes on the gTool iCorner, which was several months ahead of its release, I instantly knew it was a game changer. The gTool iCorner offers a perfect solution to a problem all repair technicians struggle with. We knew the Repair Community would absolutely love these tools and we were right; just check out these gTool iCorner reviews to see for yourself. We think it’s safe to say everyone loves the iCorner!

So when I first saw this gTool iCorner B-Series I had the exact same feeling – I know the Repair Community is going to go nuts for this all-in-one gTool kit.


127_normal-1We sold our entire first shipment of these new toolkits the same day they arrived!


Its perfectly designed zipper case encloses all the gTool iCorner tools you need to repair any aluminum casing! Not only does it look really cool, it saves you money in the long run. All these pieces purchased separately would be over $375 at dealer cost. Now for under $300 you can have all these pieces and more in an awesome zippered case.




It even comes with the new iPod 4th generation Corner repair set – you can’t get this attachment anywhere else! With every gTool you need in one case, this is the perfect option for any small repair shop owner or mobile repair technician.




gTool iCorner B-Series All-in-One Repair Kit


  • iPod 4th Generation Corner Repair Set
  • iCorner Driver
  • Hex Key Set


What could be better than that?! Thanks for reading and if you’ve gotten a chance to use the gTool iCorner, let us know your thoughts in the comments below. Would you recommend the gTool iCorner to a friend? And do you have any personal “best practices” or helpful tips to offer anyone who’s just getting started with the iCorner? Let us know in the comments, as always we LOVE hearing from the Repair Community! Join the conversation over on our Facebook page and be sure to follow us on Twitter @etechparts and on Instagram @etech_parts.


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