Replacement LCDs : Defective or Deceiving?

Our Returns department here at eTech Parts is made up of two of the friendliest members of the eTech family. Kevin and Lisa work tirelessly each day to receive, sort, and test returned repair parts, then give due credit or replacements to our customers. Their jobs are made easier by customers who properly return product using the streamlined RMA system, but this job is not easy. The most time-consuming part of the Returns process is testing the parts that come back as defective, so we can send true defects back to our suppliers for credit.

What Lisa and Kevin have found out is that a lot of the replacement LCDs for iPhones that are returned as “defective,” work perfectly fine when they’re testing them here at eTech — which means something else is happening during the repair to prevent these screens from working properly.

Whether it’s a speck of dust on the LCD connector or an improperly fitted cable, there are several seemingly small things that can prevent an LCD screen from working correctly. Now you can use our handy-dandy LCD Troubleshooting flow chart below to properly troubleshoot and test your replacement LCD for iPhones, iPads and iPods!


TroubleShooting Flow Chart LCDs2-2-2


If after going through all the troubleshooting tips listed you’re still coming up with a defective screen, give us a call at 913-839-1718 or shoot us an email to sales@etechpartsdotcom. You can even process your return online by completing our quick and easy RMA form. Let us know in the comments below if there’s another troubleshooting tip you use on a regular basis, or if you have anymore advice for the Repair Community. You know we love hearing from you, and who knows — we might even share your input with the entire community! Leave your comments below and stay tuned for more helpful tips from eTech Parts!


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