NEW! Spigen Accessories for the Samsung Galaxy S5

Spigen is one of our favorite brands of accessories here at eTech Parts — and not only because it’s a top-selling accessory brand! You’ll notice the loyalty we feel towards this brand just by looking around the offices of eTech Parts. Spigen Tough Armor cases are protecting nearly half the iPhones in the building and GLAS.t tempered screen protectors have saved multiple glass digitizers from meeting their untimely demise. Brand loyalty like this can’t be chalked up to promotional bias, but instead has everything to do with the quality of the brand. We’re thrilled to represent this brand during our daily lives, which says a lot about the high quality and unique sense of style that Spigen is all about.

Now, we’re excited to introduce Spigen’s new line of Galaxy S5 cases and accessories! These cases and tempered glass screen protectors are available to our wholesale customers at discounted prices. Now you can offer the best Samsung Galaxy S5 accessories to your retail customers at prices they can afford and margins you’ll love!


Spigen Galaxy S5 Neo Hybrid



The Spigen Neo Hybrid for Samsung Galaxy S5 provides strong protection for the Galaxy S5 while maintaining a sleek bumper style look. Created with a combination of TPU and Polycarbonate for ultimate drop and scratch protection; this case even has a matching perforated design on the back which perfectly matches the dots on the Galaxy S5! Spigen’s attention to detail is on-point, incorporating bigger port openings which make it easy to access the charging port and headphone jack.



Spigen Galaxy S5 Tough Armor



Now for the staff favorite… Spigen’s Tough Armor case is the newest leader in protective cases. Tough Armor cases provide all the protection of large, oversized phone cases without ANY of the extra bulk! With their new Air Cushion Technology, Spigen has created a case to protect your phone while simultaneously maintaining the sleek design of the device. Spigen even added anti-slip protection on the Tough Armor case in Smooth Black, providing a smooth and rubbery grip to prevent drops. This case is a must-have for clumsy, accident-prone individuals.



Spigen Galaxy S5 Slim Armor



Spigen’s Slim Armor series is specifically designed to protect your device from all angles. Slim Armor is created with a combination of TPU and polycarbonate for dual protection from accidental drops and scratches. Similar to the Tough Armor case, the Slim Armor case is designed with a 1.0mm lip around the edges which, when placed face down, lifts the screen off the surface and keeps it safe from cracks and scratches. This is the most slim-fitting, sleek and natural case for the Galaxy S5. It even provides full coverage for all buttons and precise cut-outs for the camera, flash, and heart rate sensor.



Spigen Galaxy S5 GLAS.tR Slim Privacy



The new Spigen Privacy GLAS.tR has been one of the most popular newly-released items here at eTech Parts – and for good reason! Other privacy screen protectors allow 65% light transmittance for straight-on view, making the screen much dimmer than it looks without a screen protector. The Spigen Privacy GLAS.tR allows for whole transparency at 80% light, so you can see clearly when viewing the screen straight on. Once the device is turned at a 30 degree angle, the polarized privacy film takes action and blocks light transmittance. Many layers compose this new privacy glass screen protector, including a smooth oleophobic coating, protective anti-scratch liner, premium tempered glass, polarized privacy film and much, much more.. Also available for the iPhone 5/5s/5c.



Spigen Galaxy S5 Screen Protector GLAS.tR SLIM



Spigen GLAS.tR screen protectors are so slim they’ll feel like the real thing – only a whole lot stronger and much more resistant to fingerprints, smudges and scratches. GLAS.tR Slim offers the highest level of protection while being one of the thinnest glass protectors on the market. There’s no touchscreen interference when you use Spigen GLAS.tR screen protectors on your device. Put that “new phone feeling” back into the palm of your customers’ hands with Spigen GLAS.tR Slim!



Check out our full selection of Spigen accessories, available now from eTech Parts. Do you own a retail store? Are you interested in offering Spigen accessories to your customers? Sign up for a wholesale account today to receive discounts and save money on your Spigen accessories!


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