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Being part of a community is a beautiful thing. The feeling of camaraderie, of helping one another and being able to help others can be reassuring and at times, very helpful. eTech Parts has always been a strong supporter of the community we’ve helped build and foster from the beginning. The Repair Community has grown at an alarming rate over the past year and eTech Parts is excited to help more repair technicians and business owners get involved!




My favorite story from the Repair Community perfectly exemplifies the benefits of being part of the Repair Community. On Instagram there’s a tight group of users within the #iPhoneRepair community who share tips, photos and videos while constantly chatting about the industry. Some even share their “industry secrets” with the community to help each other out; search #iPhoneRepair on Instagram to get started in this new community.


Just a few weeks ago, one of our favorite Repair Community members @kianoushe sent a private group message to 15 active users in the #iPhoneRepair community; a video showing issues he was having while fixing the digitizer on an iPad Mini. @kianoushe was desperate to find a fix after having replaced the digitizer three times with the same end result. His video showed the iPad Mini ghosting issue that many people have run into before and the community immediately jumped in to help! @ifixedit_doral gave him the advice he needed — a suggestion to place additional layers of #RedTape at the bottom of the device — and he had the iPad Mini fixed for the customer within an hour of sending the message for help! This strong sense of camaraderie and community is what we desperately need more of in the wireless repair industry.


Screen Shot 2014-04-28 at 12.41.32 PM

The Repair Community came to the rescue to help @kianoushe troubleshoot this iPad Mini repair



Industry Secrets : Harmful or Helpful?


Though the Repair Community is growing in numbers, we’ve heard hesitation about joining from multiple repair shop owners; “I want to keep my industry secrets MY secrets,” or, “What if they try to steal my marketing ideas??” We understand the hesitation you might feel sharing inside information about your business – but we feel that “trade secrets” do more to harm the Repair Industry as a whole than they do to help.


Here are some things to keep in mind when considering getting started with the Repair Community:


  • Keeping knowledge from others in an attempt to keep your industry secrets won’t make you more successful. It doesn’t help you learn more, it doesn’t generate more income and it doesn’t mean others won’t figure it out eventually. Industry secrets do little more than slow down the repair industry.


  • Sharing is caring – but you don’t have to share everything! If you don’t want to share your vendor or customer information, you don’t have to. Share what you’re comfortable with and what you feel would help others in the community.


  • Joining the Repair Community isn’t about comparing numbers and figures; it’s about sharing and gaining information with other members in the community. Most of this knowledge is technical in nature and even if you think you know everything there is to know about iPhone repair, we bet there’s a lot you could learn from members in the community!


  • When you join the Repair Community, you join a network of repair technicians from around the world who are simply looking to gain and share knowledge with others who share their interests. You have a whole network of people available to ask for troubleshooting help, virtually at your fingertips, anytime you need them. Got a question? Ask away and see who responds.


So.. what are you waiting for?! Join the Repair Community today!


If you’re already part of the growing Repair Community, what’s your favorite aspect of the Community? Where’s your favorite place to share? What’s your number one reason for joining and participating? Let us know in the comments below, we love hearing from the Repair Community and anyone willing to join in the conversation! You can find us on Facebook discussing the industry, asking questions and answering them as well. Subscribe to our YouTube channel, follow us on Twitter and of course on Instagram, too!


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