Best iPhone Repair Tools

We get asked all the time: “What’s the best tool for fixing an iPhone?” At eTech Parts we know there are lots of great tools for fixing iPhones and each of them serves its own purpose. The iSesamo is a crowd favorite for prying the screen off certain iPhone models. The gTool iCorner has recently become a favorite within the Repair Community, with iPhone and iPad repair technicians quickly realizing their true reshaping power. There are lots of tools out there that can be used for iPhone repair, from inexpensive plastic spudgers and guitar picks to precision-engineered tools specific to each iPhone. We compiled a list of everybody’s favorites to see which iPhone repair tools were most popular among customers and the Repair Community.


Best of the Basics




Wiha Pentalobe

A Pentalobe screwdriver is the first thing you’ll need to repair any model iPhone. The proprietary 5-point screws located on the bottom of most iPhone models can only be removed using this special Pentalobe screwdriver. To the delight of the Repair Community, Wiha recently released a high-quality, precision-made Wiha Pentalobe screwdriver which comes with a lifetime warranty. This is our top-selling Pentalobe screwdriver at eTech Parts and after using it for the past couple months we can see why!





Wiha PicoFinish Precision Phillips #000

eTech Parts is a proud advocate of high quality service, which might explain why we’re slightly obsessed with Wiha precision tools. When it comes to Wiha Phillips screwdrivers, there are a couple options available (such as this Wiha Precision #000 Phillips) but the Wiha PicoFinish #000 is our favorite. David, our in-house technician, won’t use anything but the PicoFinish #000 when repairing iPhones, iPads, and iPods.





Wiha Precision Tweezers

There are lots of tweezers out there that can get the job done, but of all the tweezers in the world the Wiha Rounded Extra Fine Tweezers have exceeded our expectations on multiple occasions. We’re fans of the sickle-shaped Knipex tweezers, too. Both these ESD-Safe, curved tweezers come with a lifetime warranty and are the perfect companion to help you through any iPhone repair.



Best Option for Beginners and Mobile Techs


ScrewMats Giveaway_0020-3



Ahhh ScrewMat, my old friend. I can remember the first time I repaired my iPhone 4S.. You guided me along every step of the way with your accurate disassembly guide – complete with color-coded screw locations and magnetic charge to keep small screws organized and in one place. I know I couldn’t have done it without you! Some people think you’re only for newbies and beginners but here at eTech, we know the truth. Mobile technicians everywhere use their ScrewMats on a daily basis, simply because it makes repairing on-the-go easier than ever! The ScrewMat is available for every iPhone model and select models of the iPad and iPod.


Best of the Opening Acts





Whenever we ask members of the Repair Community to name their favorite iDevice repair tool, the iSesamo typically accounts for about 75% of their answers. The iSesamo is a top-selling tool at eTech Parts and after using it ourselves for the past couple years, it’s no wonder why the Repair Community loves this tool so much. Its high flexibility, no-slip grip and extreme strength make it a popular option for repair technicians everywhere.




gTool Screen Jack

The gTool Screen Jack is just one of the many options available for removing the screen on an iPhone 5/5s/5c. gTool creates high-quality, precision designed tools for repairing iPhones and iPads and the Screen Jack is one of them. The gTool Screen Jack is easy to use and ultra portable, making it the ideal opening solution for mobile technicians.




OEM Screen Remover

The OEM Screen Assembly Removal Fixture is yet another option for removing a screen assembly on the iPhone 5/5s. This device is the perfect addition to any tech bench or workshop, especially for those repair shops that do a lot of iPhone 5/5s repairs.


Best Options for Professional Technicians




gTool iCorner

When we first got our hands on the now-famous gTool iCorner, we knew it would be a game-changer in the Wireless Repair world. A tool that reshapes and bends aluminum corners and sidewalls back into shape? This is what repair technicians all over the world had been wishing and waiting for! The gTool iCorner is a tool for professionals with the price tag to prove it; this isn’t the tool for a DIY-er or someone who fixes a couple iPhones on the side. This is a tool for the professional repair technician who works on hundreds of devices a week — if that describes you, get yours today! The gTool iCorner is available for the iPhone 6, iPhone 6+, iPhone 5/5s, iPad Air/iPad Mini, and iPad 2/3/4.





Wera Kraftform

The Wera Kraftform Kompakt Microset is a serious toolkit for a serious technician. This screwdriver kit comes with pre-set torque value of 3.5 cNm, which is the torque value recommended by leading smartphone manufacturers. The Wera Kraftform Microset is ideal for the torque-controlled tightening of screws on components subject to damage from electrostatic energy. This is an ideal toolkit for repairing smartphones, tablets, cameras, electronic appliances, dental laboratories, etc.



We hope this helps in your decision for choosing the best iPhone repair tools! Did we miss one of your favorites? Let us know in the comments below what it is and what you love about it – we always love hearing from the Repair Community!


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