1mm Red Tape is HERE!

eTech Parts is thrilled to announce the long-requested 1mm Red Tape is finally here! The Community’s response to Red Tape has been amazing — just search #RedTape on Instagram and you’ll see just how much the Repair Community LOVES #RedTape premium adhesive!



@ushatterirepair: @etech_parts carries #redtape #entertowinredtape


@ifixidevices: iPad 4 Screen Repair @etech_parts #redtape


@ivesdotcom: Ipad 4 build all done #redtapepower#noclamps


@cjswirelesstoo: 3m sucks…. #Redtape rules!!


The crowd has spoken… Red Tape Premium Adhesive is the only way to go! While there are several pink imposters on the market today, none can match the holding power of this original Red Tape Premium Adhesive! Red Tape from eTech Parts is hands-down the strongest adhesive on the market today — get your Red Tape from eTech Parts for all your repair needs. Log in to see wholesale pricing.


Red Tape Premium Adhesive is available in the following sizes:


Let us know what you think of #RedTape! Show us all the cool ways you use #RedTape on Twitter or Instagram and tag us in your post. We check up on it regularly and sometimes we like to surprise our favorites with free samples! Use #RedTape in your post and tag @etech_parts for your chance to try some of the famous Red Tape Adhesive for free!


3 responses to “1mm Red Tape is HERE!

  1. Essentra tapes makes this same tape, 3M has a similar product, good luck finding them in converted widths like eTech offers. Great price for the tape pre-converted to 1mm, etc. You WON’T find this tape anywhere else for a better price unless you plan on buying a very large quantity of the tape, therefore I think I will buy a roll. If you repair any devices don’t bother looking for “OEM” tape from Chinese suppliers, as it is almost always knockoff 3M products. The Chinese are very good at putting 3M logos on things, but the quality is not the same. Buy this tape, its modified acrylic, which has a high-tack initial bond and fully bonds in 72 hours, it is really tough stuff! It even sticks to low surface energy plastics so it’s perfect for bonding glass to plastic frames, etc. Buy this tape. Do it now. You will wonder why you didn’t earlier.

  2. By far the best adhesive we’ve tried yet. Much more solid connection between the glass and midframe than everything else out there. You can find similar red tape on ebay, but etech’s stuff is way stickier.

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