eTech Parts Featured Repair Shop Series : Denver Edition

eTech Parts is proud to present another eTech Parts Featured Repair Shop Series! We take you on a behind-the-scenes look into the Denver wireless repair scene through the lives of repair shop owners. Watch the videos below as they discuss business, best practices, and how they found success in the mobile repair industry. Featuring NEW videos starring Richard Levitt of Macintosh Computer iTech, Chris Franklin of Fast-Fix Denver, Josh Carr of Fix Denver and more!


eTech Parts Featured Repair Shop : Denver Preview



We had to give you a taste before the whole thing, of course! Featuring Ben Head of Shatter Buggy, Christopher Franklin of Fast-Fix Denver, and Josh Carr of Fix.



eTech Parts Featured Repair Shop Series : Shatter Buggy, Part One & Part Two




In parts one and two, Ben Head of Shatter Buggy discusses his franchise business, shares his thoughts on revolutionizing the iPhone repair industry, and tells us about the importance he places on running his business with integrity.



eTech Parts Featured Repair Shop Series : Chris Franklin, Fast Fix-Denver



Chris Franklin, owner of multiple Fast-Fix locations in the Denver area, juxtaposes the watch and mobile device repair industries. Addressing issues of part availability and the pitfalls of sourcing parts, Franklin also touches on the simplicity of mobile device repair.



eTech Parts Featured Repair Shop Series : Richard Levitt



With over 20 years of experience in MacBook and electronic device repair, Richard is well-acquainted with the world of repair as owner and sole operator of Macintosh Computer iTech in Denver, CO. With his expansive experience as a repair technician Richard has a very unique perspective on the wireless repair industry.



eTech Parts Featured Repair Shop Series : Josh Carr



Josh Carr, owner and operator of Fix Denver, addresses the benefits of proprietorship and small business. Upon the recent change from Rocky Mountain Mac Repair to Fix, Carr explains the re-branding and touches on acquiring a retail space. Carr also forecasts business expansions and justifies avoiding cooperate chains.



eTech Parts Featured Repair Shop Series : Mo Fedak



Mohammed Ibrahim, owner of FEDAK CELL, expresses his fondness of the mobile device repair industry, and explains his methods of advertising. Mo discusses the difficulties with sourcing parts and the pitfalls of eBay, all while giving props to eTech Parts.



Stay tuned for more Featured Repair Shop Series, only from eTech Parts!


Interested in being part of the fun as an eTech Parts Featured Repair Shop? While we would love to travel cross-country from repair shop to repair shop, gathering endless video footage and everyone’s stories along the way…at this time it’s not possible. BUT we want to hear your story! If you’re interested in being a part of our Featured Repair Shop Series (and have time to answer interview questions and send us some Hi-Res images) drop us a line at


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