eTech Parts Featured Repair Shop : Shatter Buggy

Everyone has a story to tell, and as long as you’re willing to listen there’s always something to learn. The eTech Parts Featured Repair Shop series has given us the chance to tell the stories of repair shop owners across the country and around the world. While the beginning of each story is different, the outcome is the same; these are the success stories of the repair industryyour success stories.


The story of Ben Head and his mobile repair business Shatter Buggy is one we didn’t expect to hear: a world-traveling airline pilot who longs instead for a stable life at home and a business he can call his own. This is where Ben’s story begins; now with 3 franchises and many more to come next year, this is what we like to call a success story!

In part one of this Featured Repair Shop series we learn about Ben’s background as an airline pilot, how he got started in the repair industry and his wish to start a business unlike any other.

In part two, Ben describes the mobile repair business model he created for Shatter Buggy franchises and their mantra of “doing the right thing, always.” Ben believes honesty and owning up to mistakes is the catalyst for Shatter Buggy’s success.


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