Glass-Only Repairs

If your walk-in customers are asking about salvaging their LCD to repair only the glass, they’re not the only ones curious about this popular repair. Glass-Only repairs of Samsung devices and iPhone 5 screens are becoming more common as the prices of full assemblies for new devices are initially priced very high. With a little practice and patience, repair technicians can increase their profits by offering glass-only repairs for the iPhone 5 and Samsung Galaxy series. Removing the broken glass from a device with a functioning LCD can save up to $100 on parts cost, but it can be a time-consuming repair for those learning the repair.




During the past few months we’ve been researching glass-only repairs and speaking with members of our Repair Community to learn more about this emerging repair. Equipment we’ve purchased such as glass separating machines and autoclaves aren’t exactly streamlined for small businesses or mobile technicians, and require additional modifications prior to use in the US, but eTech Parts is committed to finding more economical options to help our customers complete glass-only repairs. We are searching every day for the best options for glass-only repairs, so stay tuned!


Here at eTech Parts we are well on our way to carrying every part and tool needed to complete glass only repairs. Check out our list of glass-only parts needed for these repairs!



eTech Parts is quickly gathering all the tools necessary for glass-only repairs. Check out our current section of recommended tools for glass-only repairs.

If you have some broken LCD assemblies lying around and are interested in trying this repair for yourself – you’re in luck! For a limited time only, eTech Parts is offering FREE Molybdenum Wire to anyone interested in attempting this repair! Just add FREEWIRE to your next order and receive 10 feet of Molybdenum wire for free with your order.

A word of advice: We highly suggest practicing this repair on a broken LCD assembly prior to attempting the repair on a customer’s phone.


7 responses to “Glass-Only Repairs

  1. My company successfully does the glass only repair for our customers every day. We also offer a Refurbish Specialist Training Class to the public and Repair Technicians alike. We teach how to sucessfully seperate the glass from the lcd using wire, clean the lcd, glue and cure the new glass back on with loca. We also instruct the use oca and pre cut adhesive strips. It is better to use the loca. This is a two day class at our iCellular Repair Training Center in Waxahachie TX. I hope this helps.

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