Nothing in Life is Free, Including Shipping


“Why are your shipping rates so high?”

Competitors who offer “Free Shipping” on any order may seem like a great deal for some, but this pricing structure can often penalize customers who purchase in large quantities. These companies may benefit those who purchase on an as-needed basis or those who only purchase one or two parts at a time, but in the long run it can end up costing those customers more. These companies offer free shipping by increasing their prices of products across the board.

There’s no such thing as free shipping; you’re paying for it somewhere.

The business and pricing structure of eTech Parts is set up to reward customers looking to grow their business and purchase more. This is why we offer Wholesale Dealer Levels, Bulk Discounts and Free Shipping on qualifying orders of $1000 or $2000.


eTech Parts ships packages exclusively through FedEx, and there are several reasons for this choice. The reliability and quality of FedEx’s handling is top notch in comparison to its competitors, making FedEx our only trusted shipping service for the delicate electronic parts we provide to our customers.

We offer shipping at extremely low rates in comparison to the standard rates someone would receive at a FedEx shipping location. When calculating shipping costs from Olathe, KS to a location across the country, the differences between “My Rate” (our price) and “Standard List Rate” (the price you would pay at a FedEx location) are clear – especially when looking at Standard Overnight pricing.


Unlike other companies that use shipping as an easy way to make more income, eTech Parts passes on the discount we receive from FedEx to our customers. Just another way eTech Parts helps you save time and money!


Saturday Shipping

Thursdays at eTech Parts can be pretty hectic; we pump ourselves full of caffeine and run around like mad men and women to take care of customers and get orders packaged and out the door. This is in part because our seasoned customers know that Saturday Shipping is pricey, so they properly prepare ahead of time to get their parts before the weekend hits. This works for most of our customers but sometimes, additional last-minute repair parts are needed for the weekend.

For those customers who need their parts and can’t wait until Monday, we offer Saturday Shipping at a higher cost than normal. To receive a successful Saturday shipment from eTech Parts, simply follow these steps and you’ll see those parts on Saturday – guaranteed!

  1. Place items in shopping cart – make sure you have everything you need!
  2. Add “Saturday Delivery” to your cart prior to checking out. You can find this by searching “Saturday” in the search bar. It is also available on the checkout page.
  3. Choose Priority Overnight Shipping – you MUST choose Priority Overnight Shipping for it to arrive on Saturday. If you choose Standard Overnight, your shipment will not arrive until Monday.

Screen shot 2013-07-16 at 12.22.05 PM

This results in a higher shipping charge and Saturday delivery of your parts. Saturday delivery a great option for last-minute repair needs, but utilizing our lower shipping rates to stock parts is the best option to prepare your shop for business.


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