Enjoy Hassle-Free Returns with eTech Parts!

At eTech Parts we do everything we can to help business run as smoothly as possible for our customers. We know defective parts are not an enjoyable aspect of this business, and we’ve heard the nightmares our customers have encountered when returning items to other suppliers. Aside from our high quality repair parts and excellent customer service, another advantage our customers have when purchasing parts from eTech Parts is our hassle-free return policy.

We offer a 30-day return period for retail customers and an extended 90-day return period for wholesale customers. Within 30 days you may choose between a full refund, store credit or replacement parts. After 30 days our wholesale customers have the choice between store credit and replacement parts. No restocking fee is charged and you receive the refund you deserve.

The eTech Parts return process is simple: submit a request for an RMA number, which will be emailed to you within one business day. Once you receive that RMA number, you are authorized to return the product to us in its original packaging. Reference the RMA number on the outside of your package and your return will be swiftly processed within 1-3 business days. Once your return is fully processed, you will receive notifications of refund or replacements being shipped out.


RMA Form Screen shot

For our high-volume customers returning items, we offer Return Sheets and Return Labels to easily list and/or label the parts returned to better keep track of what is being sent back. This helps our Returns department take care of the return more quickly – plus, saving a copy for your business is an easy way to keep track of returns and inventory.

No restocking fee, no hassle, no worries!


It makes sense to us, but how does this policy compare to other companies in the repair parts business? Let’s find out.


Company A

Time is of the essence when returning items to Company A.

Return Policy:

  • Must contact company within 15 days of shipping date
  • RMA numbers are only valid for 10 days
  • Non-defective items are charged a 15% restocking fee
  • Non-defective items that have been opened are only refunded the amount of an equivalent used item – as well as a 15% restocking fee
  • Any package received without an RMA number is charged a 25% restocking fee


Company B

If you’re trying to return any parts to Company B, good luck!

Return Policy:

  • RMA requests must be placed within 20 days of ordering
  • Returns must be sent back within 7 days of requesting the RMA
  • The RMA process takes 4 weeks to complete
  • When I attempted to return an item to this company, they responded with – and I quote: “[company] does not accept returns due to the delicate nature of electronic parts.”


Company C

This company offers a reasonable return policy – if you heed their warning!

Return Policy:

  • RMA’s must be placed for all returns; any return sent without an RMA number will be refused
  • 30 day return period for full refund (except shipping cost)
  • Any item returned 31-60 days after purchase is charged a 15% restocking fee
  • This company offers a warning that they will “apply stricter policies to abusive customers” who misuse this return policy

eTech Parts is the only repair parts wholesale supplier that offers returns on product with no restocking fee. This is just another way eTech Parts makes it easy for you to run your business – and another reason our customers choose eTech Parts over any other supplier.


kevin for blog

Kevin’s Top 5 Tips for a Speedy and Successful Return

  1. Fill out the RMA Request Form online, and wait to receive the approval and assigned RMA number
  2. Contact Customer Service immediately if your part is damaged upon receipt
  3. Write your RMA number on the outside of the box
  4. Package the return parts as your would expect to receive them
  5. Include notes of encouragement, small gifts, or cookies in the box with your parts

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