Featured Repair Shop: Lil’ Johnny Appleseed

As part of our Featured Repair Shop series we would like to introduce you to John Lochert, one of our regular customers and owner of the Kansas City shop named Lil’ Johnny Appleseed.  Watch the video above and learn about Lil’ Johnny Appleseed’s story.

Lil' Johnny Appleseed

Lil’ Johnny Appleseed is located in a mixed used facility in North Kansas City. Between a PC repair shop and Graphic Design Studio.

Lil' Johnny Appleseed

Lil' Johnny Appleseed

Not in a retail type store but his warm inviting setting sees plenty of foot traffic.  His desk quickly transforms from running the day-to-day operations to a repair workbench.

Lil' Johnny Appleseed

Lochert relies heavily on all the tools of the trade but seemed to prefer his metal spudgers set and tweezers.

Lil' Johnny Appleseed

Looking South of his office doors at the majestic Kansas City skyline.

Lil' Johnny Appleseed


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