New Retail Otterbox Display Racks!

I first want to say thank you to all of our dealers that have helped us grow our accessories business and purchase Otterbox from us. We continue to expand our line of accessories and as we grow our business we get a few perks along the way, one of those is the ability to offer these retail display racks to help you sell more Otterbox cases!

I think Otterbox’s marketing team says it best:

The Otterbox display not only passed the test but exceeded our expectations as eTech Parts is located in a industrial park that doesn’t see much retail traffic. We get a few walk-in and retail customers a week and prior to having this display sitting up front I don’t think we sold any Otterboxes to walk in customers without one of our sales staff mentioning them directly.  In the past 30 days we have seen those “impulse” buys go up well over 20% consider it was basically zero prior to us having them displayed. The quality of the display is what you expect, if you have ever seen their products, first class! The base rotates 360 degrees so you can stand it in a very small area and have access to 50 pegs that will easily hold 50 to 100+ Otterbox cases, depending on the arrangement.

We have this setup in our system as a promotional item that is yours FREE with a qualifying purchase of 50 Otterbox cases. These can be any Defender or Commuter case for iPod, iPad or iPhones. We keep a limited supply of these in stock so please allow a few days for us to ship the display as we may have them drop shipped directly from Otterbox.

One last picture, our very own display rack loaded with Otterbox cases.


4 responses to “New Retail Otterbox Display Racks!

  1. I own and operate 9 Verizon Wireless Premium Retail Locations.
    We are about to open 2 more locations.
    I’m very interested in this display case for my stores.
    Obviously, I would be interested in purchasing the actual products as well.

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